Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Saturday, JUNE 1st, Grand Opening For Reeder Hill Creations

Hello Springtime! Hello Kindred Sisters!

Sparked by renewed energy and color bursting at the seams all around me; I'm currently busying myself in the studio. I absolutely adore Spring! I've thrown the windows open in my work space and scattered around me are tiny drill bits, my trusty jewelers's saw, pliers of every shape and size, innumerable hammers, patina solutions and buffing pads.

In the floor space housing my easel, are different sized canvases just waiting to be unwrapped and drenched with oils.  Recent orders from art-suppliers still in boxes are heaped upon each other waiting to unpacked and organized. 

It's all one big Beautiful Mess, that I'm finding totally inspirational!

Y'all, My Heart has sure missed creating! I had to take some much needed time off to reconnect and simmer.  In My Humble Opinion, every artist needs to slow down and listen to their higher guidance every now and again.  I Listened...and believe me...Simmering does a soul GOOD

However, now that I'm fully rested, I'm getting down to business again.  Problem Is...Compiling New Inventory Takes Time.  So Please Be Patient with me, and know that my new line of products for my newest venture "Reeder Hill Creations," will definitely be worth the wait.

Seems to me...Everything I'm putting my hands against these days is Fresh, Uplifting, Comfortable and Heartwarming! Without a doubt, my newest work seems to be more Rustic and Folk-artsy... so I'm classifying this newest style as "Refined Rustic." 

Why?  Because I'm an artist that loves refinement and forethought. Along with details.  Detailing is really important to me, and I go out of my way to insure each piece is right, and will fit appropriately within my faith, reasoning and sensibilities.

Okay, I'd like to point out that unlike my previous schedule while maintaining Dimples & Dragonflies (for the previous 10 years), you'll notice my new shop's operational times have changed.

Reeder Hill Creations will be opened Quarterly for Two Week Intervals Only.  With Dimples, I sadly discovered that maintaining an Etsy Shop can literally RUN an artist's life.  So as a deterrent this time round, I'm taking more control over my design time.

So PLEASE NOTE:  Future operational periods will fall in the months of: March, June, September, and December. For The First Two Weeks of these months, I'll be offering hand crafted designs designated for whatever particular creative cycle I happen to be in.

So Today, With A Very Full And Happy Heart...I'm Announcing That "Reeder Hill Creations" Will Happily Be Open For Business: Saturday, JUNE 1st.

Connecting with my customers in this new space, will be the most fulfilling aspect of hand crafting again.  I do what I do specifically for you!  Please continue to follow my work on this new journey.