Sunday, December 13, 2009


Have you ever wondered what the Dragonfly symbolizes?  Well before I designed the Logo for my new company, I began investigating symbols.  I wanted something that best represented where my life was at the time, and when I came across this lovely creature everything fell into place.

The meaning of a dragonfly actually changes though, with each culture.  But the primary symbolism that probably stretches across every cultural border is this:  Dragonflies represent RENEWAL.

I read that they also symbolize a sense of self that comes with maturity.  Yeah, that fit me too!  I won't break one of the golden rules that most women follow by concealing my age, but the world's standards I've reached a comfortable place in this life.

Closing for today.  Here's hoping each of you will take a tip from this beautiful insect the Dragonfly.  They live a very short life and seemingly are aware of it.  They instinctively know to live life to its fullest with death tugging at them every day that they are allowed to be here.  A lesson for all of us, Terri

P.S.  I failed to mention where the first portion of my Logo..Dimples came from.  Let's just say I'll leave that up to your imagination.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! We have alot in common, my friend. With each of your posts I explore more and more of your blog. I feel like I know you in some small way and this post really made laugh. Have a great day! Connie :)