Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My One And Only, Erica Danielle

This morning I woke up thinking about my beautiful daughter.  Erica Danielle.  Probably because she was the last voice I heard before going to sleep last night.

She took this picture recently with her phone-camera and sent it to me.  "Now don't forget what I look like Mama," she said.   Impossible, but she should know that, right?  Erica, her husband, and my only grandchild, live 12 hours from us here in Georgia.  I miss them terribly day to day.

If you're reading my post of today..thanks for popping by.  It's going to be a busy afternoon here in my neck of the woods.  But before I get totally distracted, wanted to connect with those who find my little corner of the "blogging world," of any interest. 

Before I close, know that I would truly love to hear any comments you might be having about anything on my blog.  Also, if you'd like to receive my monthly Dimples & Dragonflies Newsletter, I've set up a link to make it easy for you.  I promise to only email once per month so not to overload your mailboxes.  My email service-provider uses an application that will allow you to discontinue receipt of my newsletter at any time.

Leaving you today, with blessings, hugs, peace and joy, Terri


joanne May said...

Hi Terri,
Thank you for your very kind message about my work and website. It is always nice to meet other creative people like yourself.;)
Welcome to blogging. You have a lovely site here and art work. I shall now follow you. If you like I will put your blog on my creative blog list so other people can see you. I hope it will encourage some more followers and comments here!
Your daughter is beautiful. She has lovely eyes... Thank goodness for the internet I say. To be able to keep in touch with loved ones who live far away.
I hope to see you again soon and it would be lovely to see you visiting my blog too!:)
Many thanks and Best wishes for 2010.
Jo May.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to start the day; that is plugging into your blog site and reading your interesting posts not to mention the opportunity to be uplifted by your "happy" artwork. I'm really looking forward to seeing your metal and glasswork. No doubt they will be truly unique and the perfect addition to any spot you choose to display them. Please continue to "Wow" your audience. We're here for you!!!

Julia Kelly said...

Thanks for the email- I am following your blog so can know what you are up to- let me know when you do have the crosses in etsy- I love the one on the end! And the landscape with road!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is gorgeous!!!!!

Laurie Sugameli said...

Aw, Terri! That is too sweet! She is really, really beautiful. I know I would love her! Only until she started coping my voice again (ha,ha)