Sunday, April 18, 2010

Still Working..

Hope everyones been having a wonderful weekend!  For me..Still Busy with my new Collage Piece.  I've also had to stop in-between Studio Sessions to help hubby with some lawn and garden work.  He's come up with some wonderful landscaping ideas for this season, and all I can tell y'all is I'm getting WAY TOO OLD for all this bending, clipping, digging, and hauling.  I'm so sore this a.m., I could barely get out of bed.

Just wanted to say hello to everybody and let those who continue to pop in, that I'm still here.  But simply busier than I can put into words.  Is it just me, or does there seem less hours in the day when trying to get things accomplished these days?

Blessings, Love and Sunday Sunshine To All, Terri


Dawn said...

Don't worry a thing, we are still here and aren't going anywhere! Take it easy in the yard, that can be really hard work! But knowing you guys, it is going to look amazingly beautiful when you are done!

Oh, as for the tropical beach - wow. That picture is just going to make it SO much harder to go back to work tomorrow! Hugs!

Kelly Berkey said...

Hi Terri!

Yes, I agree, I have been so busy and it seems like I play catch up all the time these days!! I sold 11 necklaces this week too which kept me really busy!
I just took a half hour to soak up some much needed sunshine, now it's back to soldering!
Glad you are doing well. Your studio is BEAUTIFUL! No wonder you love to paint so much!

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

So nice to meet you Terri! Thank you for stopping by and following along on my journey...looking forward to knowing you better. I can see you are very talented and am going to enjoy looking through your blog. Have a wonderful week ahead and thank you for all your sweet words!!

Hugs to you,

sissie said...

I am so glad that you weren't too busy to visit my blog today. I love it when you do.
It's hard to balance all the things that we women manage to do.
Yard work is not one of my favorites, I love the end result but I'm gettin too old to do that bending and every time I do my knees kill me! LOL! Old age ain't for sissies, or for Sissie!!


Anonymous said...

You are so very right about less hours when trying to accomplish more! We understand how busy things get, especially in spring so pace yourself, ok?! Well, I probably need to take my own advice, lol! I'll be waiting when you return! Love and the sunniest of blessings!

nostalgia*gal said...

Morning Sweet Terri!
Laughing...sorta as I am so sore also..Like you I had to hit the garden with trimming my beloved hydrangea's and all the other garden work. Boy oh boy am I sore! You would think I would not be that sore with all the furniture treasures I am always moving!
Shiloh the farm dog she was- had to stand by me, watch and approve all tools etc I picked up. So funny!

As a side have a button now. Wanna trade buttons? love yours! I love all your work!

Cheers and hugs!
Cindykay -Shilohs mom