Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have Ya'll Missed Me?

Well I've Sure Missed Ya'll.

Sweetest Friends In The Whole Wide World..Life has simply had me by the throat since my last posting.  Sounds Harsh, huh?  But the absolute truth!  I'll spare ya'll the gorry details because I promised whenever I started blogging..my Contributions would all be Happy and Upbeat.  There's enough Gloom and Doom in this world without my adding to it.

My sincerest apologies for not keeping up my visits to each of your lovely blogs.  I've truly missed touching base with each of you.  I'm back now (at least until the next strong breeze) and tonight I'll begin popping in to see what's been going on with everybody. 

Much Love & Hugs For Everybody!




Marydon Ford said...

I truly missed you, sweet friend. I just told Harold that 'somethings wrong as she's too quiet'. Glad to see you are back up ...

Read my write today, Terri.

Hope Mother is alright & you are riding the gentle breeze.

Love the new piece of art ... reminds me of Goldie's house down the street when I was a child.

Hugs of love, Marydon

Flea Market Trixie said...

Hope all is well and of course we missed you!

sarasota said...

Hi Terri, I'm glad to see you're back online. It must have been something big for you to have missed blogging the last couple of weeks. Everything sounds like it's back to normal and we're so glad you've come back to us. YES, we have all missed your posts.

Who else can make others feel so good with your whimsical way with art and words. Only you!!!
Welcome Back...

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Hi my darling Terri,
Sometimes The Life doesn't go so easy, nice and sweet... Like an Ocean - for a while it's calm and friendly, next day it's wild, angry and dangerous... Everything is changing, nothing stays the same for long time. We have cold Winter, we wait for warm Spring and it's coming:)
At this time my Ocean of Life is too much windy. I'm trying to keep my forces with me and I know as well that soon everything will be again calm, shiny and full of Love.

Hmmmmm... how could we skip the breeze???

Do you know what's the best? ...we are not ALONE here...

Much Love and Hugs,

P.S. So sorry for my English. It's so pity I miss words to say all I wish...

Kolleen said...

hi beautiful Terri

so happy to see you back....and i am prayerful all is okay in your sweet little corner.

you know...you can always vent and put things out there if you need too....because sometimes we do need to just get it out.

i, too, told myself when i started blogging i would keep it positive, upbeat, etc... which i think for the most part it is. but reality is....my life isn't always positive and upbeat so i needed to put that out there too! it scared me...but i was amazed at the wonderful words of wisdom that my blog friends had for me!!!

i guess all i am saying is you are safe here...
safe with us!!!

so happy to see you are "flying" with me too!
today's lesson was so great!!!

love you

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Dear Terri, I've been on a blogging sabatical myself. I missed everyone terribly, but just needed to focus on some other things for awhile. I do so hope that life has loosened its throathold on you and that you are happily creating something beautiful even as I write this. Blessing of light and love and joy to you, dear friend! ~ Tanna