Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesdays With Terri

Angel Visits & Movie Night

Recently as my mother slips further into Alzheimer's Disease, she's been telling me these Beautiful Children with Wings have been visiting her.  She calls me to help her find them when she discovers them missing.

Do I Believe God Is Sending Them To Her?  With All My Heart!  She takes on such a peaceful, serene personality whenever she speaks of them.

I'm not sure what message God is sending with these sudden visits.  It alarms me in one way, and in another it brings me comfort.

Tonight is Movie-Night here in my house.  "The Book Of Eli," is the DVD of choice for tonight's viewing.  Starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.  I love me some Denzel now.  He's not only easy on the eyes..he's also a wonderful actor.

Thanks to anyone who graciously popped by today!


patty said...

Terri, how lovely that the child angels are keeping your mama company! And that they are bringing her peace. That's so beautiful. I have started my hospice visiting and have been assigned a dear lady who is weak, but still sharp mentally. We started a journaling project last week in which I ask her questions and write the anwers in a journal. She loved it and her daughter said that she had never heard her mother speak with anyone for that length of time. Very rewarding already! You are doing such an amazing thing by supporting your mom in this way. I'm sure those angels are holding you up as well!!

Marydon said...

Sweet Terri, how wonderful that your angels are hovering so closely to Mother, & you. They are giving you both comfort in this journey you are walking thru, together ... never being far. How blessed she is to actually know them so closely ... God has given your Mother one very precious daughter to walk beside her.

Love you, sweet friend ... give Mother a hug.

Sherry still sounds terribly hoarse & the cough is still terribly strong, but she is getting some energy back very slowly.The Drs specialist did determine it is just the worst case ever she's had with asthma that she is battling now, all provoked from the onset of the pneumonia, then bronchitis, etc ... for that I am relieved, but so sad for her.

Have a beautiful day ... Hugs of love, Marydon

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Best wishes to you & your mother. My mother also had Alzheimer's. My heart goes out to you. I hope you have moments of peace as you let her go.

Warmly, Michelle

Kelly Berkey said...

That is so beautiful. When my grandmother passed, she saw my uncle who had passed shortly before and she didn't know it. Everyone told her he couldn't be there because he had a cold.
Then all of a sudden she looks past everyone and says "there he is, he's going to take me to see the butterflies". It was so beautiful.
Love you!