Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flying Lessons

"Little Cecilia" 12X12 Canvas Completed 2007 "Sold"

Mornin' Everybody!  Here it is Thursday already and I don't know about ya'll..but it's been an exceptionally busy week for me.  One thing I've been doing is immersing myself with an Online E-Course that's currently being offered by Artist Kelly Rae Roberts entitled "Flying Lessons."  I've posted Kelly's Button in my sidebar for easy access for anyone who may want to browse her site.

So far, this Course has truly been wonderful!  Kelly is delighting her audience by sharing from the deepest parts of herself as an artist and as a business woman.  She's digging deep and really giving me pause to think.  Not only from an artist's perspective, but from a new business woman's perspective as well.  So I got up this morning with some fresh ideas on how I'd like to further introduce myself to ya'll. 

I want to give anyone who cares enough to Follow my Blog an opportunity to "know me."  I mean "really" know me.  The woman.  The wife.  The mother.  The daughter.  The Friend.  All the different paths I walk in this life, who make me "Who I Am."  I'm generally rather shy about such matters, but now it's become important to me that I open the door to my private world just a little more.
So Here It Is..for the next few postings I've decided to "Shine" for ya'll.  Very much like Kelly has done, I'm going to give ya'll pieces of my "Heart" and maybe even some of my "Soul."  For me there's nothing better than knowing someone by demonstrations from the soul.. Perhaps this type sharing will be as close to the day I gave my Personal Testimony in church right before being Baptized. 

Anyone who knows me in my Inner Circle of Friends and Family, already knows that I'm a Serious Lover of Christ!  A Serious Lover of all things Heavenly and Pure.  
A Second Little Something and perhaps not as that I've been a Fan of Shirley Temple since childhood.  She and I go WAYYY BACKKK!  Some people even tell me when meeting me Face2Face, that my Dimples remind them immediately of her.  Maybe that's one reason I named my New Business "Dimples & Dragonflies."  I dunno..just a possibility.

And she could also be the Primary Inspiration behind my choice in painting "Children's Themed Art," too.  All those Frilly Party Dresses and Pretty Hair Bows!  Just another possibility.
And the Last little detail I'll share today is that I LOVE PUPPIES.  But then again, who doesn't right?  I have two Fur-Babies.  Sam & Samantha.  Sam is a nine-yr-old Mixed-Terrier and Samantha is a two-yr-old Shepard-Lab Mix.  They are both Rescue Pups, and have brought so much Joy and Entertainment into our household that I cannot imagine life without them.

This has sure been Fun for me today.  Hope it was for ya'll too.  I'll be back to share more in the days to come.  Have a Great Thursday Everybody!

Health & Happiness To All, Terri


Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Terri, this was a WONDERFUL post! Love getting to know you better. I read another good thing about the Flying Lessons today! You go girl! Look forward to reading about all you discover!

(for some reason, by blogger dashboard and sidebar are not updating your new posts... I don't know if others are having this problem or not... maybe a setting change???)

Have a wonderful evening.

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Hi darling Terri,
Such a sweet post! Thank you so much:)

Love and Hugs

Marydon Ford said...

Terri, what a beautiful sharing write. You are such a fabulous, sweet friend ... so caring & such a beautiful heart. You have such a gentle warm soul, it shines thru.

I love Cecilia! The pooch is adorable.

Harold is doing fine after his eye surgery ... but has one black eye!

This weekend is filled with Ansel & Tatiana events. Will write of them next week.

Sherry just hasn't sounded good the past 3 days ... she is so hoarse & tired. I get so worried!

Have a great weekend. Hug Mother ...
Hugs, Marydon

scrappydee said...

Terri, I love this post! I share your love of Shirley and Puppies! Great photos and I know sharing can be difficult but it is somewhat of a therapy also. I love to blog and feel like I hold a lot back...I don't usually want to share any melancholy I might be experience but I find sometimes it helps...I can't explain it. Thanks for the post!

patty said...

Terri! I'm so glad I checked your blog! All this time, I thought you were on my list so I just thought you weren't posting anything. Silly me! So I just found out some of what I was missing. I'm so glad you decided to share some of your world and yourself with us. I love it! Also didn't know you were flying with us - it's quite a full plane,wouldn't you say??