Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursdays With Terri and a PEEK at my NEW GLASSWORK

In The Company Of Angels

Isn't she pretty?  Her name is "Ariel" and she's the first of many to follow in the coming days.

Ariel will be listed in my Etsy Shop on Monday, June 21st.  Along with her Sister-Angel "Muriel," shown above.

In addition to my glasswork pieces I'll also be offering a few framed prints.  They'll also be listed this coming Monday.

I realize it's been quiet here at Dimples & Dragonflies for a wee bit.  But in the background, I've been working really hard to bring something new and wonderful to fruition.

I'm so pleased and excited to have been able to give y'all a peek at my upcoming releases.

Here's wishing each of you a glorious weekend!


sissie said...

Hi Terri,
I was just thinking about you today and there you were, commenting on my post!

I have been behind on all my visits and I'm trying to catch up.
I really like your new pieces, they are beautiful.

Love the pics of you too, you look great.


Dee said...

Oh! I am so excited about your new schedule - I was missing your posts. I love your artwork, MURIEL is my fav! See ya Tuesday!

Msartist said...

HI Terri, I just love your rooster paintings and what I am seeing here~
I am a fellow flyer and that is how I found you~ Have a great weekend. My doors always open, Theresa

Kelly Berkey said...


I'm so excited for you! Your angels and artwork is just fabulous! I can't wait to check out your etsy shop on Monday.
Best of luck, they will fly out of your online store. You are so talented!!
Loves and best of luck, I can't wait to see more!

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Terri, your angels and your new look are all wonderful!! I love that you have found a new passion with the soldering AND that you have had no finger burns this week! Woo hoo! You are amazing!

I've been getting ready for my Little Man's first birthday party next weekend! And, getting to see his first haircut today! Sadly, for me, he is with his Dad's folks until Monday... but, I will have next week with them!

Hope you have a blessed weekend! hugs~ Tanna

Jeanne Nelson said...

So nice to find you along the blog hop trail, Terri! Your glasswork and paintings are absolutely stunning. I look forward to keeping up with you, and seeing you prosper. From one southern girl to another, big hugs!

Marydon said...

G'day, sweetie ~ Another adorably precious creation ... they are both gorgeous. You will never cease to amaze me with the beauty you bring forth in your works.

Hotter than hay days here ... humidity is climbing more each day & our a/c broke ... yup! no a/c.

Hugs to Mother & you have a beautiful day, sweet friend.

Love ya! Marydon