Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "Tuesday Treasures"

"Treasures From The Sea"
Available In My Etsy Shop Tomorrow

It was incredibly HOT here in Middle Georgia Today.  Too warm to enjoy anything outside so I decided to play in the Studio.
Mama sat beside me the whole day.  Her warm, gentle, mother-spirit keeping me company while I sorted sea-shells and polished bottles.
Mama and I are definitely two separate people.  Both of us having blossomed from different Life Experiences.  But we still Learn from one another.  No shadows lingering between us.  Only Light.  Only Love.
I try and get Mama involved in my Creative Process.  Asking her to help me come up with Titles for each new creation.  Alzheimer's may have laid its claim on my mama, but she still can surprise me when tossing a great suggestion my way.

She suggested calling the above bottle, "Ruby From The Sea".  I kind of like it.  Thanks Mama.
I haven't entitled this Half-Doll piece yet.  She's a pretty thing.  And she looks like an "Amelia" to me.  Oh well..we'll see.  Hey, it's late here and I'm about to call it a day.  Goodnight everybody!


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Kim said...

I love the name mama came up with and I agree that doll looks like an Amelia - a name I've always loved.