Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursdays With Terri & Beautiful Zenias

Happy Thursday Everybody!  Whew Wee is it ever HOT here in Middle Georgia.  We're suddenly experiencing a Heat Wave and I spend part of my day trying to work some in the Studio, the other half outside trying to keep my potted plants alive.
That's one reason I love growing Zenias.  They are the hardiest flower against the ever present Summer Heat.  As you can tell, I'm in love with the Pinks and Bright Fuschia.

Here's hoping y'all are keeping cool where ever you are.  It's back to Soldering for me.  I'm currently working on the prettiest piece ever.  Can't wait to show it to y'all


Marydon said...

G'day sunshine Terri ~
Oh, mercy! I know it gets hot & humid down there, but I sure hope you aren't getting the mess bestowed upon us these past couple of weeks.

Your flowers are gorgeous pinks, Terri, hardy they sure are ... & in such a pretty pot. I used to grow tons of them every year & for some reason changed directions ... I love the colorful variety of blooms dressing up a garden. Our plants, oy!!!, are truly biting the dust! It just saddens me so as I have such lovely gardens every year ... my watering isn't doing them much good, just makes me feel better, I do believe.

The deer have eaten every single tomato on my bushes, the leaves on my sunflowers & I do believe the bun-buns are the culprits for the impatiens disappearing ...

Hugs to Mother, love to all ~ Marydon

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Hi, sweet friend!

Your Zenias are sooo pretty, Terri.

Can't wait to see your newest piece:)
I have stop stop for a while to create my jewelry, 'cause my sister is going to married in August and I'm helping to prepare something... So soon I'll leave Portugal again.

Much Love and Hugs,

Jennifer said...

Aww... those perfect little pink petals are just SO pretty!! :) Can't wait to see the new piece!


Anonymous said...

I love zinnias too! Last year I had some nice ones and kept the seeds, thinking I would start them from seeds this year, thereby saving myself some money. Alas, my plan failed and I ended up with no zinnias this year. They are truly a wonderful flower -- Always a winner! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog today. I am so glad that I'm a follower of yours, and have gotten to where I also visit your Etsy shop on a regular basis, as well. Have a joyful day!

Carrie Schmitt said...

I love the name of your blog--so cheerful. Your art is beautiful. I'm a zinnia lover too. I'll be visiting your blog often;) Love the giveaway too! Do you mind if I put you on my blogroll? Take care!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sweet Terri...
Sweetie I have so missed blogging with you, and was anticipating that we would get to talk soon. I went to the doctor yesterday. That is not going to happen. I am still under lockdown and on top of that they have taken my voice away until July 19th. They will also release me to the outside at the same time. I sat and cried. They told me after going down my throat and looking around that my voice box and vocal cords are strained and need a rest. I am very hoarse right now, not much comes out anyway, but at least I could try.

I so love your zinnias. The fushcia color is so beautiful. I am totally amazed at the beautiful things you have been sautering. Oh Girl, I so wish I lived down the street or around the block, I would have ran away to come and visit you and your sweet Moma and got in on the beautiful art that you are now constructing. Oh Teri, God has truly gifted you friend. You have such a wonderful eye for beauty and can find it in everything. You never stop amazing me.

Thank you my beautiful friend for bringing the outdoors inside to me today. I so needed it.

We shall talk soon. I have so missed hearing your voice my friend.

I pray everything is going well. I love you sweet friend. Many hugs...Sherry

Kim said...

I saw you at bobbypins boardwalk (Jan's a friend of mine ;)). Your etsy art is amazing, you are very gifted. You have lovely zenias, too.

Linda R said...

Hi Terri, your blog is so darling and your flowers - wow, not one of my talents ;-) I am just so excited to connect with everyone, I'm taking Kelly Rae's advice and keeping my personal Facebook for family and such but I would LOVE it if you flew by and "follow" my blog and "like" my Fan/Biz page!!!! I am "following" your blog with great joy. Hugs (love the South, all my family from AR but the heat? not so much). Fan page:!/pages/Me-Myself-and-You/105043419547115