Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"A Salute To The Sea"

"A Salute To The Sea"
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In an effort to compliment my current Vintage Bottle Collections, I'm about to introduce a new series of bottles which will be entitled,
 "A Salute To the Sea".
Splitting my time between painting, assemblage, and glasswork has been exciting for me.  It's lifted my creative-energies to a new and higher place.  And some days I actually feel very spoiled to have such a benevolent husband who supports me while I play in the studio.
I sincerely believe each of us can change the world if we honor what brings us joy.  And usually the one thing that gives any of us the "truest joy," is GIVING.   Giving of our talents..our hearts..our skill in any area to those who need it most.
Wouldn't it Grand to Help Change The World..One Smile..One Gift..One Act of Kindness at a time?

Sending Love To All & Wishes For Abundance In All Good Things!


Beansieleigh said...

These are beautiful Terri!! ~tina

DeAnna said...

Ohhhh! Just when i think I have a favorite you go create sommething more faby!! I'm saving my change so that I can but one of your pieces...keep creating! Thank you!

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Oh, my darling friend, the Sea... Did I say to you that the Sea is my favorite thing (if I can call like that) in this world???
I love the new bottles. Especially that one, with the white coral.

Love and Hugs,

Marydon said...

Sweet Terri, my sentiments exactly. I love giving & can't seem to do it enough ... I love the recipients joy ... tho talented as are you, I'm not but it is still fun to give what I can.

You know, these bottles are lovely & so unique from other styles created ... I love the simplicity & serenity of the water theme.

We are still in a horrible heat wave ... yuck! Harold is putting in our entry arbor to our side gardens ... I am so excited.

Hugs of love to your Mother & you ... have a great summer's eve.

Studio JRU said...

Beautiful post Terri! And these new pieces are just fantastic. They are SO neat!


Kim said...

What lovely transformations. The pink shells with the rose platter is a perfect display. You are really making the most of beautiful things.