Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "Baby Betty Boop"

Is she the cutest or what?  I purchased this beauty from an estate sale out of Atlanta years ago.  Babygirl has been tucked away in my china hutch for way too long so today I decided to bring her out and see what I could do to bring her new life. 
These are her Beautiful New Shoes.  I used a lovely "Floral & Bows" Decorative Solder and have attached her to a Vintage Decanter Stopper.
She's outfitted in a Period Flapper Dress that has a darling Lace Slip just barely visable beneath.
She's all-bisque and is marked German on her back.  I was told she could possibly be a "Wide Awake Cupid,"  Circa 1920, but the man who sold her to me wasn't sure because she originally belonged to his mother and there wasn't any paperwork with her.
She looks like a Baby Betty Boop to me..but ya know, I truly don't care about her early origins, her sweet face just spoke to me and I chose to bring her home.  Now with her new shoes and glass pedestal she can stand on her own and will be a delight to everyone who sees her.
I'll be posting her tomorrow in my Etsy Shop, along with several other new pieces I recently completed.


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Kim said...

LOVE this one! So sweet and definitely sentimental.