Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "Remembering When"

Good Mornin' Blog Family!  Do any of y'all remember the old Dime-Stores that once existed?  Because I sure do!
F.W. Woolworth was probably my all-time favorite.  On Saturday mornings I remember my grandmother taking me with her while she shopped for sewing supplies.
While she looked for threads and bobbins, I'd always slip off to explore.  It was so exciting walking the many colorful isles mesmerized by all the pretty glassware.  These Planter-Heads were most likely part of the inventory.
The best part of the entire trip was stopping by F.W.'s Lunch Counter before heading back home.  There are just no words when remembering sliding into a booth seat and waiting for the waitress to take our order.   Goodness Gracious Alive..those were the days!
Woolworth closed its last store in 1997, and I truly believe there has never been a shopping-experience that has ever come near to replacing the charm of these old gems.
I just thought I'd share some fond memories with y'all this morning.  I've been busy at my soldering bench for the past few days.  I'll be uploading some new pieces shortly.

Love & Sunshine To Anyone Who May Have Walked Down Memory Lane With Me Today!


Anonymous said...

I can remember going to the Woolworth's in Binghamton, NY with my Grandma & my Mom in the 50's. We always go some lunch at the Lunch Counter. I can still remember the aromas.
What wonderful memories!!

Flea Market Trixie said...

Terri I can remember visiting dime stores as a child too, life was so simple then and such a great time

priti.lisa said...

You brought back some memories...happy, innocent times. I used to have 2 of those hat lady planters...I really wish I knew what happened to them. I saw some in the antique depot a couple weeks ago...they are pricey!
Thanks for sharing your story.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

When I was a child we had both Woolworth's and Kresge dime stores, one on each corner downtown. As a kid, it was pure heaven!