Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "Alex & Me"

Oh my goodness friends, I just finished the BEST BOOK EVER!  "Alex & Me".  Actually I didn't read the printed version (per jacket covers), I downloaded the audio from iTunes and listened my way through this Beautiful, Heartwarming Story.

Alex (an African Grey Parrot) was famous for pioneering new avenues in avian intelligence.  I had heard so many wonderful reviews about this story, and thought I'd pass the title on in the event any might be interested.
I've also been enjoying time at my Soldering Bench since I posted last.  Guess you could call this my "Blue Period".  Ha ha
Haven't decided if I should offer these pieces as a collective threesome or just offer them separately.  I just know I'm seriously in love with the Cobalt Blues right now.
Guess I should also mention I've been designing some new Half-Doll Pieces too.  This Pierrette is one I've owned since 1992.  I've always loved the intricate features of her face.  She just has a Serene Quality to her..A Soulful Rhythm so to speak. 
I think she's magnificent.
I've used Decorative Solder to anchor her to a heavy crystal decanter topper.  And her dress is absolutely the sweetest..with my Signature Bow centered in front with folds of built up solder to mimic fabric.
Tomorrow I'll upload some more of my newest pieces, okay.  For now it's back to the studio for me.  It was fun taking a short break to say hello to all my buddies.

Thanks To Anyone Who May Have Visited Me Today!


sjmcdowell said...

Hello Sweet Terri,

Sounds like a good book! I love birds so will be checking it out!!
Terri I am always in a blue mood ha ha Cobalt Blue I mean!! I love, love, Love the one I bought from you!

Oh my I think the half doll pieces are breathtaking!! You are so very talented!!

I think you should sell the trio of crosses separately...just my opinion! So lovely!!

Delight in Your Creativity....



Kolleen said...

hi beautiful Terri!!

i am so in love with your gor-juss cobalt blue pieces.
they are so pretty! i can see why you are drawn to that magnificent color.

sending you a big california hug and lots and lots of love
i hope life is being good to you


patty said...

Oh Terri, those blues are sooo beautiful. Just eye-candy, my friend! I always love seeing all the gorgeous new stuff you are trying. And the book sounds wonderful. I have an itunes card I need to make work of using. There are just so many choices!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I love the cobalt blue pieces, too! Gorgeous. I am going to have to put the Alex and Me book in my queue for reading! Thank you, Terri, and have a great week! Hugs ~ Tanna

Kelly Berkey said...

your blue period is working for you dear terri! lol i'm in love with your half doll. the hand placement is gorgeous! i'll have to borrow that for one of my poses for the stretching to sketch challenge! hands are so hard to do!

hope you had a wonderful day in your studio, i'm spending the next two days in mine and i'm so blissfully happy about that right now:-)

loves to you!

priti.lisa said...

I'm a sucker for the blues...
WoW Terri, your work is is always so unique.
One of a kind. Your treasure trove and what you do with it is outstanding!
I never listened to a book...What a time saver that would be...hmmm...definatly up for consideration.
Love to you, Girlfriend!