Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "Blessed Mother & Amber Hobnail"

There are barely words to describe how Beautiful this piece came together.  This Vintage Porcelain Piece has been with me for more years than I can remember.
But I do know from the first moment I saw her, I knew she had to come home with me.  I knew also that one day I would find the perfect project for her..I sure hope you'll agree that I have.
Look closely at how tenderly She embraces these roses.  They're in the slightest shades of Pink and Blue.
I've positioned a gorgeous soldered cross behind her and it comes across as if it's floating.  Rather looks like a Halo..and Her beautiful head is slightly tilted as if she were in prayer.
I just have to say this piece has turned out to be one I'll forever be thankful to have been able to create.
I also created this lovely Single Crystal Piece that is lined with Polished Cowrie Shells.  I've soldered it to a Amber Colored Hobnail Bottle, and it's also something I'm pleased with.
 I photographed my work today using a backdrop of my first painting ever.  It was completed while I was taking a Portraiture Class and it's supposed to be a Self Portrait.  Hmm..personally I always thought she looked more like my sister than me. 
If I remember correctly, my instructor gave me an "A" so no matter if the face resembles me or least my effort was appreciated.  :))

Love & Sparkling Sunshine To Any Who Dropped By Today!



Anonymous said...

Breath-takingly beautiful! My 1st impression was a religious figure.
Have a Wonderful Day!

Rebecca said...

Absolutely beautiful my friend. I LOVE IT! Blessings to you and your gifted, talented hands.


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Wow. Beautiful. That Mary piece is stunning Terri! Wonderful work!! :)

Kim said...

Wow Terri! Those two new bottles are gorgeous. I'm in awe of the Blessed Mother. I'm sure you will have a hard time parting with that. That is if you are putting it in your store? Are you going to keep it? Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Jeanne Nelson said...

Gorgeous pieces of artwork here! I love the cross you created behind the vintage porcelain piece, and the amber bottle is beautiful also. Now I want to see the rest of your first self-portrait ~~ what I can see of it looks totally yummy!

Kelly Berkey said...

Terri, I'm in awe over your work. Your soldering skills have grown and far surpassed mine. The cross you made is so beautiful I can't stop staring at it. Your first painting is incredible too. I want to see the whole thing!

You are a ray of sunshine and oh sooo talented. Love and hugs to you my friend!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

That was your first painting? So you obviously had the "gift" from the start! I can tell how much you are enjoying your new projects!

Marydon said...

Oh, Terri, I am so moved by the Blessed Mother ... this piece is precious & delicate beauty. Everything you touch turns into breathtaking creations, Terri ... I am in total awe.

Hugs to Mother & love to you both, Marydon

patty said...

Terri, it seems you are really on a roll with your new soldered pieces. I have never seen anything like them before - it must be thrilling to create pieces that are so unique! I think you have got it goin on big time over there!!

Jill said...

Mother Mary is beautiful. What a honor it must have been to work on a piece like that. You have Glorified Christ in this piece. Bless you!

sonyamacdesigns said...

Congrats on the 3 new projects, beautiful work ... from a Southern friend in Tennessee