Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "Emotional Connections"

This painting "A Mother's Kiss" is a quintessential example of how one artist affects another.

Every painting within this post was created by Malcolm T. Liepke.  This talented man is considered one of the Finest Figurative Painters working today. 

His loose, narrative style immediately became of supreme interest to me when I first began studying art in 2002.   I could barely believe when learning he was a Primarily Self-Taught Artist.

Clearly, a spirit born to paint!

What I've come to expect from Malcolm's work is that through Mood, Atmosphere, Color, and Texture, He Speaks To Me.
He Emotionally Connects Me to whatever he's placed before me.

We all have that same universal need.  To connect.  To find and feel Love and Understanding.  Some 8 years ago, I wanted so desperately to learn to convey these primal necessities. 

In my continued effort to learn what I consider the truest techniques of producing great art, I read often and take an occasional workshop when Care-taking Duties don't interfere.

But I know in my heart, Brilliance is only achieved through constant practice.  It's Truly A Lifelong Process.

While Listening Recently to Kelly Berkey express her passion for learning..for wanting to take her artwork to the next level,  I've truly been inspired.  Suddenly Something Has Stirred In My Soul that's difficult to explain.

I'm sincerely wanting to get serious again.  Feeling so worn out from The Compromise.  I want to say something meaningful and worthwhile with my art.  Reach inside myself and pull out my own artistic-truth.

Clearly Friends I'm feeling unfulfilled today.  It's difficult to express through words.   Because Actually there are no words.  So Maybe I just need to paint them instead.

Love & Sunshine To Anyone Who Cared Enough to Listen Today!



Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Darling Terri, I'd like to say so much, but my poor language doesn't let me. Just paint, dear friend. Your own art touches so deep...

Thank you for sharing M. Liepke's paintings, very interesting work.

With Love,

Rustique Gal said...

Terri, These paintings are very emotional and wonderful to see. I get that feeling from yours too. I hope you feel more up to par soon-though I understand, feeling similar about my work. (what work?) I'm almost ready to come back inside and start creating something!

Anonymous said...

Terri, what is holding you back? It truly sounds like you just need to be in your art room doing you thing. When I feel like that (and keep in mind I'm no artist -- just someone who likes arts and crafts), I know it's time to create something -- anything. Your recent painting was beautiful. I admire your talent and the gifts God has bestowed upon you -- not just your talent for art, but your talent for opening up and expressing love for your fellow man. Yes, pull out the paints and begin, perhaps a colorful mural -- something out of the ordinary for you, less structured and more free. Maybe that would also be "freeing for the soul". I'm not sure that what I'm saying helps, but I do know that you are gifted and if you feel out of sorts, it's because you're either getting sick or your need to make something. Chin up now -- at least high enough to see that canvas.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

A wise woman once told me the creative process is like the birth of a child... there are the months of pregnancy... with the waiting and the anticipation... growth and creation are taking place unseen... and then the labor... sometimes long and hard... sometimes swift and relatively easy... but, it is a process... Bottom line is that the restless, unfulfilled moments are all a part of the journey... and you ARE on your journey. you ARE an artist. be in the moment and follow your heart. hugs. tanna
ps the Malcolm guy is good. love the vintage mod feel. i see why you connect to his work...

Cathy Bueti said...

Terri, thanks for your honesty in this post. Thanks for sharing these paintings. . . they are beautiful.

I think your instincts are right...just paint! :)

DeAnna said...

Indeed a soul meant to paint - thank you for introducing him to us...I love this post. My thoughts will be on you today, hoping spirit will help you find some peace today, your post conveys a deep wound and you need to paint to heal, please do so, your canvas of Kelly is proof that you have a soul meant to paint.

Kelly Berkey said...

terri, i'm so inspired by you, you were the one who stirred in me the need to feel oils against canvas. to hear you say that i've stirred something in you makes my heart sing!

these paintings are so emotional to me, they speak to me, they are what i'm searching for in my artwork, i'm so glad you chose them to share. your knowledge of the artworld and what you share here brings so much joy to my soul and i'm excited to hear that you are going to be painting more. you keep me aching to be more, to learn more, to share more.

love to you my sweet friend, paint your feelings so i can be brave enough to paint my own. muah!