Friday, September 17, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "In The Studio Sneak Peek Friday"

 Yay!  It's Friday and Time To Share Some Behind The Scenes Studio Production With Jennifer's Sneak Peek LinkUp.
Thankfully this week I managed to complete several new Solder Designs.  Compared to last week's poor output..this was a definite improvement.
The first three photos are my newest Tabletop Half-Dolls on Crystal Designs.  The photo above is a Crystal Cross using an Antique Bronze Solder atop a Vintage Mellins Food Bottle.
This is a small Abalone Shell which I anchored to a Vintage Bromo Seltzer Bottle and Studded with Bronze Solder.  To offer more Bling and Balance, additional Crystal Ornamentation was added along the side.
I've also been working on stripping and painting an old dresser I found curb-side a few days past.  Plan to use it for more Studio Storage.
I chose a pretty Robins Egg Blue to paint the Top And Lower Pedestal and a Taupe for the Front and Sides.
You can't really see my vision yet..but once it's complete I'll reveal the finished look.  

That's about it for this week.  I'm anxious to see what everyone else has been up to.  If anyone else would like to visit the other Studios within this LinkUp..CLICK HERE


Jen said...

I really like the clear glass with the cross on top. For some reason, things made of clear glass have really been catching my eye lately. Also, I can't wait to see what happens with your blue dresser!

Kim said...

I agree with Jen, I love the clear glass with the cross - beautiful Terri. You've been busy and I need to take a page from your book and get my butt in gear up here. Have a great weekend my friend!

Diana said...

I always love all your creations. Can't wait to see the storage piece finished...great find!

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Hi my Sweet Friend!
I'm back. Finally I stole a while to see your wonderful creations, darling Terri. Breathtaking! You've created SO MANY art pieces in these 2 month while I haven't blogging!!! Awesome creations... I love so much your crystal crosses, sea shells and blue line:)

Promise me, dear friend, you will not forget your easel, too. Ok?:)

Much love and hugs from Lisbon,

priti.lisa said...

Holy Moly, Terri! Maybe time does go by slower in the South! That is a whole lotta artwork and then a refurbishing job, too :0
I love to redo furniture and I'm looking foward to seeing that know me and blue :)
Have a great weekend,

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Your creations amaze me every week! They are all so beautiful. Your soldering is so beautiful! That cross... LOVE! I love how you put the little extras onto the side of the shell! And a curbside makeover... yay!! :) Fantastic peek into your creations this week!!

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Such neat new designs! The half dolls look like they have such a story to them.
The dresser looks awesome. Always nice to have additional storage. Look forward to seeing it finished.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You are just so productive!! Amazing. All beautiful work and I can't wait to see the dresser! Hugs to you! Tanna

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It is such fun to see how creative you are with your "tops and bottoms" for your creations. I love the cross.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Beautiful new pieces! I love the bronze solder ~~ a unique touch that is pleasing with the crystals. And, oh, how I love to see "trash" being turned into "treasure." Your dresser is going to be a very beautiful, and useful, piece! Wishing you a peaceful week, with plenty of time to create!