Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "Late Bloomers"

This week wouldn't be complete without mentioning my love and admiration for the art of:  "Helen M. Turner".    From early on in my studies, Her Work and Personal Story grabbed me and has never let go.

The American Art Community classified her style as "Southern Impressionist", and when she left this world, she left behind Forty-five Pieces of the most Glorious Paintings my Hungry Wanna-Be-Artist-Eyes had ever seen.

I Suppose The Story Behind Any Artist has always fasinated me.  It humbles and educates me when learning their Struggles.  Their Dedication and Victories.   And as an Older Student of Art Myself, when I learned Mrs. Turner had been more than 50 Years Old before She Experienced Any Success as a Professional Artist, Truly Gave Me Reason to Hope.

That Hope Still Lives Deep In My Heart Today.  I Sincerely Believe It's never too late to Embark on Something New And Exciting.  And Yes..I Sadly Admit That Lately A Few Dark Clouds Have Been Hovering Over My Studio, And Yes, I Had Begun To Wonder Where It All Would Lead.

Then God Parted The Clouds And Poured Down Some Of The Purest Sunshine.  He Sent My Blogging Buddies To Lift my Spirits and Set Me Straight Again.  I Just Want To Tell Y'all It Meant So Very Much Hearing Each Encouraging Comment.   

Hugs Of Love & Friendship To Each And Everyone Of You!



Kelly Berkey said...

i'm all teary-eyed reading this. i don't think you know how much you have encouraged and inspired. you are the amazing one. i'm so lucky to have met you in blogland. you are a true talent and the most beautiful soul. paint your beautiful soul and the dark clouds will disappear!

martinealison said...

Merveilleux témoignage réunissant sensibilité et reconnaissance... Bisous

Diane said...

And I say yes to what Kelly said, and also I truly believe if you believe in yourself, then ANYTHING is possible!

priti.lisa said...

Holy Moly!!!!

I wrote you an essay of about 500 words on your last post, and I just checked and it isn't there.
Neither is my comment on the previous I not doing something right???
I think after I click publish...I have to remember to scroll way down the page to find the word verification...maybe this happened to others???
It makes me want to cry, you thinking I didn't care.
I want to thank you again for introducing me to these artists...I love to learn. And their personal lives make their art so much more...I dunno...lovable? interesting? Anyway...
I love you, Terri, in your sweetness and in your frustration. I only wish I would have emailed instead of commented. I will scroll this time aaalll the way doowwwnnn.

Rustique Gal said...

Terri, I had never seen Helen Turner's art before. It is so beautiful. She is truly inspiring! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely pieces again too. Rainbows to you...

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i have enjoyed my visit to your blog today. so many inspiring paintings and words! thanks for sharing.

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Hi Terri,
I've been enjoying catching up with your beautiful blog. I'm sending you a big hug. You're an amazing artist and inspiration to this art newbie. :)
I love the painting you made for Kelly, it's gorgeous!

ps: how was Robin Hood? I've been thinking about renting it.