Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "Cozy & Homespun"

It's Been Such a Glorious Tueday here in Bonaire..I've been outside almost the entire day.  Enjoying the Crisp Autumn-like breezes.  Cleaning up messes in the yard that the end of Summer left behind.

Later when deciding to air out a few of my country quilts, I couldn't help but think of the wonderful Artist Jeffrey T. Larson.  Most artists develope a Central Theme when bringing their work to canvas.  And Jeffrey brings Cozy, Homespun, all things Rich in Family and Outdoor Orientation.

Take a good long look at this man's ability to bring forth "light" in his work!  The way He Injects Sunlight across His Subject's Face!  The Filtering Shadows Seen Throughout The Linens as they gently dance in the wind.

Mr. Larson has definitely acquired that loose, painterly style I have forever searched for at my own easel.   Look at the Earth Beneath the Subject in the Garden..you can almost feel the Heat of the Soil where the sun strikes it.

And let me tell you Friends..I've tried capturing shadows like the ones evident in the painting above.  It's a Tremendous Task to Master Such Realism.

Ernest Hemmingway was once quoted as saying, "We Are All Apprentices At A Craft No One Can Master."  I have to imagine that even Mr. Hemmingway would reconsider his words after seeing one of Jeffrey Larson's paintings.

Love & Autumn Sunshine To Anyone Who May Have Visited Today!



Aimee said...

I love the first and the last piece the most. It is so real and beautiful

Kelly Berkey said...

Hi Terri,

I'm so excited to be introduced to another wonderful artist! Last night's color theory class was about mixing all these beautiful colors and how you then add white to make your shadows from the neutral from the color combination you are using, such as purple and yellow. It was like candy to me, I couldn't get enough of it. I had thought you created shadow with grey made from white and black...oh how my heart is racing to get my paints and start mixing! I plan on taking a whole afternoon to make up charts and play in paint. I have been told that color theory is no fun, but to me it's like a window has been opened and a beautiful breeze is tickling my face!

I will email you ASAP when I get my painting, I'm so looking forward to it! MUAH!

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

WoW! Realism:) Just Beautiful. I Love the Life...

Hugs from Portugal, my sweet friend.

priti.lisa said...

These paintings are more realistic than a lot of photos! Truely spectacular!
I really am appreciating you taking the time to post these art lessons, Terri. I never had the means to go to school, so I read a lot, but having you gather art to show and tell...and your enthusiasum...well, I just want you to know, I really enjoy these posts...Thank you for taking the time :)

Diane said...

Beautiful amazing paintings--thank you!!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Hi Terri,
I'm crazy about these paintings--especially the ones with the clotheslines. When I was a girl, we always used clotheslines & some of my relatives still do! It makes me feel nostalgic. Thanks for sharing.

Warmly, Michelle