Friday, October 8, 2010

Sentiments Of A Southern Artist: "In The Studio Sneak Peek Friday"

It's Friday and since I haven't been sitting on my hands this week (unlike last Friday), thought I'd participate in Sweet Jennifer's Link Up.

Have to Say I'm Really Loving These Newest Pieces.  With these Designs I've chosen to use some of my all-time favorite Vintage Bottles..those Reserved for Special Projects.  Have Actually Fallen In Love with the Center Design. Think I'll Be Keeping This One.  The Deep Ruby Bottle Goes Perfectly with My Home's Interior Colors. :))

  Good Grief..look at the MESS going on in my work space!  Saturday is my Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Day, but right now I think once I wrap this post up..I'm heading in early!




Diana said...

Hi Terry, Very nice bottles. I like the one in the center, too...if you'll ever part with it. Love that easel. Have a good weekend, too!

priti.lisa said...

Oh Terri, Happy Weekend! Of course I love the bottles, I agree the red bottle is incredible...what is in the background? I am intrigued. X0X

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Love these bottles! I think the deep red one is my favorite too! :) A messy studio is a loved studio... yours looks just about right! ♥

martinealison said...

Celle de droite m'emballe beaucoup... Belle réalisation. Bon week-end à vous aussi. Bisous

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Hi darling!
Your Cross Bottles are simply AMAZING. I love them so much. You're right - the center bottle is PERFECT and sure it deserves to have a huge of Love:)

Have a Wonderful & Colorful Weekend, my sweet friend!

Kim said...

Wow! Terri those new bottles are just gorgeous. You certainly have mastered your craft of soldering. I hope you have a great weekend my sweet friend.

Kelly Berkey said...

terri your bottles are just beautiful, i love the background art also! so fun to peek into the studio of a true artist. oh how i wish i had room for an easel like that. maybe someday hubby will build me a little studio on the main level with lots of windows. my dream someday.
i have to say i'm having so much fun with this new medium. i'm working on three projects right now, i'm clumsy, but i will find my flow soon and in the meantime i'm going to enjoy the challenge and not get discouraged. mind/hand coordination takes practice!
xoxo to you my sweet friend!

Roban Studio - Rhonda said...

Hi Terri,
I love the bottles too. In fact I collect little bottles and have them displayed in my kitchen window. Loving the crosses on the tops. Very nice! Your studio is killer. Thanks for stopping by Art Walk Friday at Musings on Art! You are entered in the giveaway. Have a great week.

Cindy said...

I'm still loving these crosses made with whatever they are made with! You might get me out in my garage/stained glass studio to try some of these myself!

Thanks for sharing

lori diane said...

love all of them! they are just beautiful! That must be so fun to solder---on my to-do list!