Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holding Tight To Wishes & Goals

As An Artist During One Of Our Nation's Toughest Economic Slumps Since I've Been Walking The Planet...I've Been Thinking And Reevaluating.  Primarily About My Initial Wishes And Goals, And How They've Had To Be Altered Or Dropped Altogether Since I Began Painting Full-Time in 2002.

"In The Garden" Was The First Canvas I Created That I Actually Couldn't Part With.  I Was Taught Never To Get Attached To The Work. (A Nonsensical Rule If You Ask Me)  But This One Was Special And Today She Hangs In My Family Room.

This Piece Hangs In My Mama's Room.  She's The One Who Got Attached, Not Me.  She Doesn't Remember Loving It.  Asking Me To Hang It For Her.  Or What The Signature "RHILL" Represents On The Face Of It And Every Canvas I Paint.

"R" Represents The First Letter Of My Grandmother's Name.."Reeder".  The "HILL" Her Maiden Name.  In An Effort To Honor The Memory Of One Of The Most Significant People In My Life, I've Dedicated Each Piece Of Art I've Ever Created To Her.

But I've Stepped Away A Bit From My True Reason Behind Writing Today.  I Want To Share Something About My Original Wishes.  My Original Goals As An Artist. 

I Believe My Earliest Fears To Persue Art Full-Time Came From Two Things.   A Basic Fear Of Commitment To The Unknown And A Fear Of Failure.

But Friends..What's The Alternative?  Never Knowing What "Could" Have Been!  See..I Still Believe.  I May Still Be "Waiting For The Miracle" But I'm Still Charting New Plans Daily, And I'm Still Moving Forward.

By Staying True To My Original Goals, I've Accomplished Things As An Artist That I Never Thought Possible.  I've Still Not Reached My Full Potential, And I Recognize This And Work To Bring Myself Closer With Each New Project.

First With Paint And Canvas.  Second With Vintage Crystal And Solder.  Next On My Dream List Is: "Mosaics".  I've Signed Up For A Workshop Beginning In February And We'll See What We See.

Isn't This What We're Supposed To Do?  Learn. Explore. Gain Satisfaction In Doing What We Love Most?  Mine Just Happens To Be Art In Almost Every Form.  What Is Yours?  Whatever It May Be..Embrace The Wish.  Maintain The Goal.   If You Continue To Believe ~ There Will Be No Obstacle More Powerful Than The Glorious Feeling Of Satisfaction You'll Have In The End.



Kelly Berkey said...

Beautiful heartfelt post from such a beautiful soul. I too have fears but I'm going to push them aside and fill my time with art. Painting mainly, my jewelry affords me my paint and canvases and my goal is simply this...I'd like my paintings to support my painting. I've sold another original just yesterday and I feel like I might make this goal in 2011. All I know is I have to keep painting and keep growing. If I can support my love, then life is beautiful.

Hugs and joy to you today. I'm off work and have the next three days in my little studio. My heart is so full of joy right now I could light up a whole city!!


martinealison said...

Nous n'avons jamais fini d'apprendre... Bisous

sissie said...

Hi Terri,
Isn't it wonderful when you find the artist inside you and you let it out to flourish and explore! Just think of the beauty that would have been lost if it weren't for artist like yourself that are willing to share.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You keep holding to those dreams and moving in their direction! You inspire me every time I read your lovely thoughts and see your beautiful work!

I love the tribute you make with every one of your signatures... a reflection of your kind and compassionate character.

Hugs ~ Tanna

rachel awes said...

it's been lovely to visit
the garden of
your blog
& all the lovely women
you paint into being.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

These are words of wisdom that can be applied in many areas, not just for an artist. I think we all need to continue to learn and grow. Sometimes I get stumped...I don't come up with a new interest as quickly as I'd like, but eventually it knocks on my door!

priti.lisa said...

God only expects us to find joy and to spread it. You do both with such grace!
I admire you as an artist. And especially as a person who creates, cares, inspires, hopes and lives with a passion.
The best is yet to come, Terri!

patty said...

Terri, you are an inspiration! I really needed to read this today! Between our house getting flooded and then my getting sick, I am so off base right now with my creative dreams and endeavors. I am struggling to get back on track and you have helped me here, my friend. I love following your journey, seeing your work and reading your words. Always a bit of inspiration there - thank you!!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh Terri... your post spoke straight to my heart today. A fear of the unknown and a fear of failure... I know I am not alone having these fears, especially as an artist. When people just are not spending their money on art, it can be so discouraging to be an artist. But you are right... maintain the goal and believe! Yes!! I love that you dedicate your art to your grandmother. So, so incredibly sweet!
♥ Jennifer

Diana said...

When I was at the LA Art Show this weekend, I saw an artist so similar to you. Besides paintings, she did I guess it would be a sculpture (3 large cubes with the parts of the painting on each side). I wish I took a picture for you. It reminded me of old fashioned wooden blocks for children but larger...only asking $15,000. So get to work! I'll be your agent! :) Guess who else I'll have to visit my blog.:)

Mrs. E said...

Thank you for stopping by and following. :) Nice blog. I'm now following back.