Monday, January 24, 2011

"Hopeful Expressions"

My Husband Had These Sweet Little Boxes Stashed Away In His Workshop, So I Borrowed Them, Dusted Them Off And Played A Bit.  They're Far From Finished..But I'm Having Fun Doing Something Different.  Friends I'm Embracing A State Of Focused Relaxation Right Now.  I'm Distancing Myself From The Easel..Using My Free Time Instead To Dream. Read. And Snack. Did I Actually Say That Outloud? :)) When I Return To My Oils, I'll Be Renewed And Rested.  Just Wanted To Pop In To Say Hello And Let Y'all Know I've Been Thinking Of You.          



priti.lisa said...

Hi Terry, by the looks of your company, I would guess you are snackin on cheese!
Everyone needs to play...and you never know what rabbit hole you may fall into...Have overmuch fun...oils need venilation, wait til spring!

priti.lisa said...

Terri...I almost missed pulishishing my comment...again!
I am probably not the only one...and you blog isn't the only one...
When I post a comment, it goes up to the top, and I miss the word verifacation.
Either skip the word verification or, better yet, just change the effects and have the comments open in a new window. I am sure you are missing some comments because of this confusion....XoXX

martinealison said...

Cela est nécessaire parfois de pendre du temps pour soi, ne rien faire juste penser à soi... et ce n'est pas simple!
Adorable ces petites boîtes gardées par ces charmantes petites souris.
J'aperçois une tour Eiffel!

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

Hi my sweet friend!
These are so beautiful:) Just a bit more than one week and I will walk by Rue de Lille, including museum d'Orsay where is big collection of early Impressionists and, of course, many paintings of my dearest Monet. I'm so exited, because last time I'd visited only museum Marmottan Monet (filled full of his Nymphaeas...).

Much Love and Hugs,

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

The little boxes look so FUN!! Glad you are taking some time for focused relaxation. I especially like the snacking part. ;) (though goodness knows, I'm going to have to start on some kind of diet soon or I won't be able to continue wearing my clothes!)

Thank you for making the comment form easier! I know I had trouble with the older one, too. Hugs from Texas! T

Diane said...

Oooh, I am loving these!!

Kelly Berkey said...

hello dear friend. those boxes are wonderfully delightful! i too am taking a bit of time from my easel. we need to refresh and come back renewed.

i've left a little award over at my place for ya!