Friday, January 28, 2011

"Learning To Share"

It's Always Been Difficult For Me To Open Up To People.  Maybe It Was My Upbringing, Maybe Just The Way I Was Born To Be.  But Today I'd Like To Try And Be Braver.  Share Some Of My Humble Beginnings As An Artist With Y'all.  The Above Photo Is Of Lorraine Shelko, A Beautiful Artist And Gallery Owner In Macon, Georgia.  She Was God's First Instrument In Bringing My Work To The Public.  Well, If Public Means A Small Southern Town With An Equally Small Population Like Macon, Georgia.

This Is Lorraine's Sweet Gallery.  It Was There In 2008 That I Approached Her With Some Of My Canvases In Hand.  Guess You Could Say In Small Towns Like Macon, Georgia ~ Gallery Protocol Is Much More Casual.  Anyhoo Friends, Much To My Surprise She Liked What She Saw And Offered Representation Of My Work.  And Let Me Tell You, Other Than The Day My Only Child Was Born, This Was The Most Exciting Day Of My Whole Life!

This Is The Entrance To Shelko Gallery.  Lorraine Is Originally From New York And Truly Brought Some Of That City's Sophistication With Her When She Put Her Gallery Together.  She Actually Took An Old 3-Bay Auto Repair Center Downtown, And Turned It Into A Gem!  I Loved Her Style Then, And I Love It Still.

These Are Two Of My Paintings On Display In Front Of The Glassed-In Bay Windows.  Friends, I'm Being Very Brave Here And Want Y'all To Know I'm Not Bragging, It's So Not In My Character.  My True Nature Tells Me To Always Remain Humble Or God Will Do The Humbling For You!  But I Want Y'all To Know These Paintings Sold In The First Week.  When Lorraine Called To Tell Me..I Could Not Have Been More Stunned!

Just So I Didn't Get Too Big For My Britches, The Painting "Sweet Sixteen" (In The Red Frame Above Right) Didn't Find The Same Success!  Nor Did The Painting "A Walk In The Rain" (Lower Left Corner).  God Has A Way Of Keeping Me On Track With Reality.  I Continued To Reep The Benefits Of Gallery Sales With Other Canvases Though, But I Truly Believe God Was Teaching Me Balance.  Teaching Me To Appreciate What Is Given And Learning To Accept What Is Not.

This Is Inside The Gallery During The Grand Opening In 2007.  I Didn't Know Lorraine During That Time, But I Thought It Would Be Nice To Show Some Of The Work She Put Into That Special Day.

I've Decided To Post Some Of These Photos In My Side Bar.  Baby Steps Friends..Not Bragging Steps..Ya See I'm Really Trying.  I'm Truly Learning To Share More With Y'all.  A Beautiful Friend, Kelly Berkey Has Taught Me So Much About Putting Yourself Out There As An Artist.  In Watching Her, I'm Learning To Be Courageous.  Sending You Love Today Sweet Friend!   



Jodi Ulschmid said...

You are so sweet! It's not bragging at all, just sharing your excitement! I would be jumping up and down. :) Its stories like these that give other artists encouragement to believe in themselves. Have a wonderful weekend! ♥ Jodi

Diana said...

Jodi couldn't have said it better. No one would ever, ever, think your bragging. I say, your on to something with your work. Something so unique about your style and the more you do, the more you'll polish it. So, keep painting and showing, my friend. Others see it, too!

I love you putting yourself out there, too!

patty said...

Hi Sweet Terri,

I can so relate to this! It totally goes against my grain to try and "promote myself". Some people seem to have a much easier time with it than others. Lately I have pretty much given up promoting and selling my work. For me, it wasn't worth the amount of time, money and effort and just didn't feel like what I was drawn to do. In the future, we'll see.....

Anyway, I LOVE that you are taking these baby steps and sharing them with us!! Love reading about it. We can learn SO MUCH from each other! Thanks for sharing, my friend!!

the art of the dance is like chocolate said...

I loved this! keep it comin'!

sissie said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for sharing your sweet story.
I don't think that you are bragging at all. Your artwork is unique and colorful and very eye appealing. Keep moving forward.


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I think it is very interesting! I don't call this bragging at all...I call it marketing and very smart.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I am so happy you have shared this with us Terri. How exciting to be part of a gallery! And what an encouragement to hear stories like this. Your art looks amazing there in the front window. I can see how they sold so quickly... they are beautiful!
Love to you dear friend ♥

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Terri, thank you so very much for sharing this with us. You are an amazing artist. I have several friends here who are artists... and I think it takes great courage to even say out loud to others, "I am an artist" for the first time. I watch them struggle with sharing and the conflict of feeling like "bragging" is not ladylike. Must be our Southern upbringings... but, I urge you to keep on, girl! You are a wonderful artist and we love seeing your work and your process. I am late coming to love finding a creative outlet in art. I spent years working in an OR with all my energies going to that. I am so loving my watercolor experiences!! You inspire us! Congratulations on all your successes and here's to many, many more!! Hugs ~ Tanna

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

My Sweetest Friend!
In my opinion, YOU HAVE TO BRAG. That's because you are amazingly talented! And your work is worth it.
I do not know why people see something negative in this word...? Maybe many others are bragging without a reason??

Much Love and Hugs,

Cathy Bueti said...

Terri you have inspired me to be myself and to seek balance. This is a lovely post! And you should not think you are bragging. Your artwork is beautiful and should be shared with the world!! I am so glad you are opening up more. And that Kelly is an amazing soul isn't she! Love her!

Have a lovely day! :)

Joji said...

Loved your story. I know how hard it can be to "own our worth" and not feel like a braggart. Your work is beautiful and full of whimsey and vivid color. I love it.... Kelly Berkey is a real inspiration and a sweet sweet soul.

Kelly Berkey said...

Terri, this was the sweetest post ever! So glad you are showing who you are and where you've been. It's not bragging when it is sharing the truth of your life. We all learn and get strong from one another. It's a beautiful thing to be proud of yourself and others around you, isn't it?
Thank you for including me in your post, and for sharing who you are as an artist. Man, I'll be doing cartwheels if I ever sell a painting in a gallery. You are amazing!!


Denise said...

Such talent and sweetness deserves success! :)

SarahA said...

I think this is why I scribble so much. I can relate to what you say. It is like getting everything in; out and it seems easier this way.
You are VERY talented and to be able to share such, is precious.Well done,you!

Dawn said...

Dear Terri, you are the last person I know who would EVER brag - so you would be well enough to leave that unsaid. You are one of the most beautiful artists I have ever had the privilege to read daily, and you deserve to be proud. :)

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Hi Terri,
I just loved learning more about you. Thanks for this post.

Warmly, Michelle

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

ALSO, I loved that quote--be humble or God will do the humbling for you! :D

Love, Michelle

Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me said...

Wow, Thank you for visiting my blog today! I love meeting new bloggers and seeing what sort of things they like to post about. You look like you are a very talented artist for sure! Hope great it must feel to have your art displayed in that beautiful gallery! Again Thank you for stopping by...hope we can visit each other again real soon!