Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Silent Partner" 18X18 Textured Oil On Canvas

I've Been Compelled To Further Explore Jane DesRosier's Textural Technique.  Last Week Completed A Small 12X12 And Felt Comfortable Enough To Move Up To A Larger 18X18 With This Newest Composition.

I'm Using The Same Identical Draft (Recipe)..Just Larger Perspective And Of Course A Different Angelic Subject. With Each Attempt Using This New Technique, I'm Learning What I "Can" And "Cannot Do" On This Substrate.

This New Surface Responds So Differently To Anything I've Ever Worked On Before.  I'm So Intriqued With The Abilitiy To Scrape Into Its Upper Portions Allowing The Previously Applied Texture To Peek Through.

Y'all I'm Lovin' The "FOLK ART" Feel To This Process!  And I'm Having The Time Of My Life Continuing To Experiment With It.  Oh My..It's Getting Late Here In Middle Georgia..Need To Clean My Brushes And Go Night-Night.  Hugs To Anyone Who May Have Dropped By.



Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Beautiful Terri! I am loving your angels. The wings are so beautiful. Wonderful work! :)

martinealison said...

De beaux anges... Beaucoup de sensibilité dans vos oeuvres.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Ohhhhhh.... so beautiful. And, I love the name of this piece! Perfect. I do know how very exciting it is to follow a path that captures your passion! Enjoy, Terri! You are doing beautiful work!

You'll have to come see my Little Man. In way over my head... but oh so exciting! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Diane said...

Oh it's even better here than on FB--I get to see all of the texture in the close-up views!!
I discovered Jane years ago when I first discovered mixed media--she's the one that sparked my interest in this whole mixed media world. She's a wonderful person and lovely lady as well.

Anamaria said...

Wings are so attractive! I think everybody has dreamed to have them, once. Your angels are lovely, Terri. Beautiful work. xx

Jen said...

Beautiful angel! I love the texture.