Thursday, June 23, 2011

"The Angels Are Above Us"

I'm Having So Much Fun With This New Picasa Photoshop! Here's Two More Of My Recent Paintings. I Keep Them At Their Actual Size So Not To Misrepresent What They'd Actually Look Like Hanging On The Wall. 

Okay ~ I Haven't Gotten A Thing Done This Week In The Studio. I Have However, Raided My Husband's Woodshop Again.  Today I'm Prepping The Piece And Hopefully Will Have Something Pretty To Reveal Soon.

Sending Some Love & Georgia Sunshine To Anyone Who May Have Visited Today,



sjmcdowell said...

Hi sweet Terri,

Oh how I love your Angels!
The vibrant colors are wonderful!!

How are you? How is your sweet Ma ma doing?

Wish we lived closer...we could make stuff together!! I have been making things lately for a new shop I opened up on Facebook called "The Victorian Shoppe" with a friend of mine. Maybe you can check it out sometime.

Wishing you a wonderful day!!

Hugs, Smiles and Sunshine..


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I can see why you are having so much fun with this Picassa thingy!! Your angels look radiant in their watch! Look forward to seeing what you do with your new aquisition from hubby's shop! blessings ~ tanna

maddyrose said...

Picasa looks like fun and I love the way your angels look hanging there on the wall.

Kelly Berkey said...

hello my most lovely of friends. i am loving seeing your art of gorgeous walls. so much. it's such fine art, amazing. makes me feel like you are 20years ahead of me. and yet you are always so sweet about my art. just know you make my heart swell, hearing from you that i'm heading in the right direction keeps me motivated to paint, paint, paint!

and another thing. why don't you take a trip to the gallery on july 9th? the art crawl is that night and my workshop is the next day and we can stay with kathleen and molly. i'm sure we won't get any sleep and will laugh the whole night. and i'll try to keep kathleen from trying to 'spoon' you at 2am...she likes to do that with new people in her home.

anyhow, think about it!! love you!

Kelly Berkey said...

oh, and you seriously need to share with me how to do this. all the things i can seem to figure out on my own, but this isn't one of them;-) help!

priti.lisa said...

outrageously incredible pair of paintings, Terri! Holy Moly! ♥♥♥

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Beautiful! They look so beautiful hanging there on a wall. Sounds like you have a fun project ahead after raiding the hub's workshop! ;)

Diana said...

Where do you get the room pictures? Help ! :)

Diane said...

Oh Terri---Your art is so wonderful and SO unique--I love the colors and the feeling I get from it--beautiful!!