Sunday, August 28, 2011

"French Melodies Interlaced With Elbow Grease"

Y'all, My Mama Always Told Her Children, "If You're Not Bleedin', Nothin's Broken Or Falling Off, Your Hands And Feet Best Be Movin'."

So When The Temp In Middle Georgia Rose To A Heavty 106 Degrees In The Shade Yesterday ~ I Decided To Stay In The A/C And Find Something Fun To Do.

My Sister Gave Me This Old Side Table Years Ago And I've Been Using It To Store Paint In My Studio. It Was In Pretty Rough Shape But After A Lit'l Elbow Grease, Paint & Stencilling. This Is What She Looks Like. Just Thought I'd Share.

Hope Everyone's Having A Fun & Enjoyable Weekend. Sending Y'all Some Love And Georgia Sunshine. And Hey ~ I'll Gladly Share Some Of Our HEAT Too. :))



maddyrose said...

Hey Terri, I love the way the table turned out. Stay inside and stay cool and keep finding fun things to do.

priti.lisa said...

Yay! I am at the right place at the right time tonight!!! I just saw you post come up and WOW Terri!!! I see a LOT of beautiful work happening in GA!
I love re-making first love...your little table looks like it came straight from Europe. So refined and elegant. Next I see an next love after I was accumulating too much furniture. It's stunning Terri.
I am excited to see a peek at the ginormous painting...I can't imagine what direction you went this time.
I am sending you 2 kisses. One for you and one to give your Mama.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That table re-do is fabulous! I love it when old things are given a second chance. ;)

The weather has been brutal. We had our 72nd day of 100+ temps yesterday (we usually only have 7 in a summer). It is tough.

Glad you found a way to spend your energy in the cool! Love the quote from your Momma. blessings ~ tanna

DeAnna said...

So wonderful! What a fun table it is now! Glad to see you are still here...I am back..see you around, Hugs!