Monday, August 15, 2011

"Inexplicable Impulses"

Dearest Friends ~ I Realize I've Been Absent For A Few Postings Now, And I Wanted To Update Y'all And Express How Much I've Been Missin' Everyone.  Also Wanted To Take A Moment To Share A Lit'l Of What I've Been Up To.

A Few Weeks Past I Had This Inexplicable Impulse To Begin Work On A Large Scale 48X60 Canvas. I'm Almost Embarrassed To Tell Y'all That This Piece Has Truly Become An Obsession Of Sorts.

I Know In A Previous Post I Was Shouting How I Was Gearing Up To Begin Work On A Farmyard Series..And True To My Word I Have In Fact Moved Some Paint Around On A Few More Panels Within That Series..But Primarily I've Been Focusing On This Current Larger Piece.

In The Next Few Days I'll Be Posting Some Photos Of The Smaller Panels I've Completed And Try And Give A Peek At The New Large Scale Composition That's Preoccupied My Life So Seriously Of Late.

Sending Some Love To Each Of You Along With Hugs Of Warm Georgia Sunshine! 



maddyrose said...

Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi busy lady!!

I am really anxious to see what you are currently working on. I know it will be something very special indeed!!

love with your "Rooster Series" and look forward to seeing them in their completion!

Today the temps here in Georgia are refreshing, don't you think so too?

Blessings to You,


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patty said...

Hi Teri, I have been away too and just getting back into the swing of things. I firmly believe that "inexplicable impulses" should be honored... and I'm pretty sure you do too because I have seen you do it in the past. I have faith in you, my friend, that the results will confirm your decision to "go with it"!!

Isabel said...

Cant wait to see:O) And ive been absent too but bc i keep re doing the face of one of my paintings. Have a great rest of the week:O)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I'm excited to see what you have been up to!! I love it when a piece of whatever our passion is consumes us! I just want you to know I am most impressed with this little collage/photo you made! Cute as a button! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Diane said...

Hi Terri! So good to see you back--48 x 60--wow!--is all I can say--I know it will be superb--can't wait!

Cathy Bueti said...

Have been missing you Terri!! Excited to see what you have been working on especially that HUGE canvas!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Ummm! Looking forward to see that huge work! For sure it will be amazing.