Friday, February 24, 2012

"Brookie Cookie Works With Clay" Figurative Paperclay On Lampstick

Friends, I'd Like To Introduce You To My Precious 13 Yr Old Niece, Brooke.  "Brookie Cookie" To Her Aunt TT.

While I'd Love To Say I Completed This Newest Clay Figure All By Myself ~ It Serves Best To Say That Sweet Brooke Put Some Serious Love Into Her As Well.

We Didn't Perform The Actual Bean Counting Exercise To Calculate How Long It Took Us, But Brooke Has Been Out Of School For The Past Three Days  For Teacher's Conference Break, And Between Eating, Catching Up On Some Good Movies And Sleeping ~ We Played In The Studio.

Brooke Rolled And Formed The Clay ~ Chose Her Colors And Outfit Design ~ Selected Scraps Of Ribbon And Mohair For The Head Piece.  And When The Actual Finished Figure Finally Came Together, We Both Agreed She Definitely Needed To Have A New Home At Brooke's.

Sometimes An Artist's Life Can Be Quite Isolating, And It Was Such A Nice Change Of Pace To Have Another Voice And Set Of Hands With Me This Week.  It's Safe To Say That Brooke And I Have A Mutual Heart-Felt Perspective Towards Art.  Although She Is Still Exploring What Vocation She'd Like To Have When She Grows Up,  It Made My Heart Smile When She Told Me She Knows For Sure In Her Spare Time She'll Be Drawing, Painting ~ Creating With Her Hands In Some Way.

Have A Wonderful Weekend Everybody!

Sending You All Some Love & Sunshine!


Diana said...

Dear Terri, you've made so wonderful doll:)) I miss some pair of hands too!

Much Love,

Cathy Bueti said...

Awwww, what a proud Aunt you are!! Lovely post Terri!! What fun you must have had together. And I can so relate to the isolation of an artist.

Love the clay figure!! You both did great work!


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

How sweet! Sounds like so much fun to have Brookie Cookie visiting you Terri! You girls made a beautiful piece of art... love it! :)

Diane said...

Love you collaboration, and your lovely clay lady went to the perfect home!

patty said...

Oh, Terri, what a wonderful collaboration! I'm sure you are having a beautiful positive impact on the future of your lovely niece and you have made some great memories as well!


Cindy said...

How sweet! She will always remember that day, I am sure! I love how these clay figures look!

Robin Norgren said...

What a beautiful memory the two of you created. and it is FABULOUS!

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