Thursday, April 26, 2012

"My Moody Gypsy" Portrait By Artist Terri Smith

 16X20 Oil On Canvas & Board

Hi Friends ~ Trying Slowly To Return To The Easel.  I'm Guessing I Haven't Put Oil To Canvas Since My Last Commission Piece Completed Somewhere Back In November. 

Hmm..Not My Best Work..And After Seeing Her Posted Here I'm Thinking She'll Probably Remain Part Of My Own Collection. (You Fellow Artists Know What I'm Talkin' Bout..The Pieces We Aren't Really Satisfied With But Love Anyway Just Because We've Put Ourselves Into Them. Those We Never Show Anyone But Keep Stashed In A Closet Somewhere.) 

As I Continue To Look At Her, I'm Thinking If I Don't Snap Out Of This Dark Place I've Suddenly Found Myself In And Tend To My Business ~ I Might Just Lose My Brush Stroke All Together.  Funny How Stepping Back From Something Lessens Your Abilities When Returning To It.

Here's Hoping You All Have A Glorious Weekend Ahead!  

Love & Sunshine,

Post Script:  She Definitely Bares No Resemblance To My Normal Happier-Faced Compositions, Does She?  I'm Thinking This Particular Subject Came From That Place My Husband Has Now Started Calling "That Moody Place Deep Inside You," and Today I'm Starting To Agree ~ Maybe He's Right.


patty said...

Terri! I love this so much - everything about it - seriously!! It does not deserve a closet. I'm guessing others will tell you the same thing, but I will be the first!!

Anamaria do Val said...

Hi Terri! Patty is right, I love this painting so much! It's different from your other works, but I see something
special in this portrait, she tell us something, very personal. It reminds me of an artist I like very much,Balbi Lopez.
If you want to see her work go to
Hope you like it! Hugs from Anamaria

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I think this is a great piece too Terri! I love the blues and grays. I'm sure you will start feeling it the more you get into those paints! Sending big hugs friend! ♥

Diana said...

Dear friend Terri, I do love this painting!!! Yes, I agree it's a bit different, but the painting is really GREAT:)
Welcome back to easel!

With love,

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I decided to drop by to see how you are doing and I hated to read about your "dark place". I do understand how that feels and it certainly drains me of all creativity when I'm in that place. I found that my ability to do large motor skills (cleaning, organizing etc.) came back long before I felt creative. It is hard to write about happy things (or I imagine to paint them) when we don't feel happy ourselves.

My only suggestion is that you cut yourself some will be happy and inspired just takes time. I agree, the painting doesn't belong stored just is different than your usual work, as your yourself are different right now.

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Your work is always amazing to me Terri:) I think we are always our own worst critic, it really is beautiful! Hope that Georgia sunshine pulls you out of the dark.
Sending love from Oregon!
Your friend,

carrie said...

I'm glag your painting again.....I like this one....I would like to talk to you soon..... miss you.....