Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Powerful Expressions"

"Mama's Secret Weapon"

 One Of The Very First Gifts I Ever Remember "Specifically" Receiving From My Mama, Was A Beautiful White Leather Bible.  It Was My Birthday And There Was A Lot Of Excitement And Noise Going On Around Us.  I Remember Mama Nudging Me, Looking Very Determined To Hand Me Her Special Gift Before I Could Reach For Any Of The Others Placed Nearby.  She Never Said A Word.  She Simply Slid The Brightly Wrapped Package Into My Hands, And That Was That.

I Was So Proud Of That Thing ~ Carrying It Most Everywhere I Went Early On.  The Words "Holy Bible" Were Etched In Gold Across The Front And The Outer Pages Were Lined In It As Well.  I Truly Loved That Book.  Not Just Because It Was God's Precious Word, But Because My Mama Had Given It To Me. 

This Morning As I Opened That Same Aged And Worn Book ~ A Card Fell Out Onto The Breakfast Table.  Over Time I've Placed All Sorts Of Things Inside To Mark Certain Verses, But I Was Puzzled As I Lifted This Card To Open It.  I Sincerely Don't Remember Ever Having Seen It Before. 

As I Read The Words Inside, I Felt A Familiar Feeling.  That Same Sweet Nudge From My Childhood.  My Mama Was Suddenly Speaking So Clearly ~ Using The Same Book She Had Used When Saying Not A Word.

I Heard You Mama.  Thank You For The Gift Of God's Word So Long Ago.  Thank You For Yours' Today. 

Post Script:  Can Loved Ones Help HEAL Our Broken Hearts From The Other Side?  I Believe They Can!

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