Friday, June 22, 2012

"Love Me Some Holy Stories"

A Few Days Past I Came Across Some Old Door Panels That Were Said To Have Been Removed From 100 year Old Doors.  I'm Sure They're Vintage Because They Came Complete With Chippy Paint And More Than A Few Worm Holes. 

I Stripped This One Down And Set About Composing A Theme.  Of Late I'm Especially Loving My Holy Stories..Seem To Be Hanging Onto My Bible More These Days Than Ever Before.

"God Hath From The Beginning Chosen You," Was A Snippet Of Scripture I Took From II Thessalonians 2:13.  It Seems To Apply To Us All, But Primarily I Referrenced JESUS Within My Composition.

I Punched The Verse Into Some Metal Pieces ~Sheared And Arranged Them Along The Bottom Portion And Added Some Bling Beneath Just For Color.

I Used Black On The Wooden Crosses Because It Signifies Power And Submission..Lifting The Cross Of JESUS Higher Than Those HE Stood With On The Day Of HIS Crucifixion.

The Red Stones Of Course Represent HIS Blood And Thirty Three Is Believed To Have Been HIS Age At The Time Of HIS Death.

I Attached The Dual-Image Of The Lit'l Girls To The Top Of The Main Panel As A Representation Of Myself (and all women) Who Are From The Beginning, HIS Feminine Children.  The Precious Heart Between Them Has "Loving Spirit" Collaged Into It. 

This Heart Is One I Purchased Awhile Back From My Sweet Friend Lisa DeNunzio, Who Gave Me Permission To Use Her Design Within This Piece.  Thank You Sweet Lisa!

I Have Several More Panels ~ Some Long, Some Short.  I'm Hoping To Create A Few More Compositions Using Them.  I Love Me Some Holy Stories Now..So There Might Be A Series In The Future.  Or Not.  Who Knows.  I'll Follow My Heart Wherever It Leads.

Have A Glorious Weekend Everybody!
 Love & Sunshine To You All,


Kathleen Fenton Owner Artist said...

Makes me sooooooo excited to see you creating like this!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

This is so beautiful, Terri! I love how each part has such a special meaning. Really makes a wonderful complete story!