Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Sweet Ashley"

My Precious Granddaughter Ashley Has Been Visiting For The Past Month, and Its Brought Such Joy Having Her With Me.

I Haven't Been At The Easel In A While And When Ashley Asked Me To Paint Something New And Colorful To Take Home With Her, I Asked Her To Give Me A Few Requests.

      "I Know I Want Flowers..Some Birds, And Maybe Some Of Your Cute Girls," She Told Me.

I Had Two 12X36 Canvases In My Inventory So I Put Them Together And Tried Coming Up With A Composition That I Thought She Might Like.  Still A Work In Progress, But Thought I'd Pop In And Share Seeing How I Haven't Posted In A Few Days.

Hope Everyone's Having A Glorious Summer!

Love & Sunshine,



Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That is so wonderful!! Sounds and looks like you girls are having a fantastic time together. What a great summer! :)

Kathleen Fenton Owner Artist said...

Finlly got a chance to read this post honey!!! I LOVE the paintings. I can hear little girls giggling when I look at it. Keep going!!!