Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Brunswick Afternoon" by Artist Terri Smith

"30x30 Oil On Canvas"

Oh How I Wish I could tell y'all I've Been Away on Holiday, or out of the country, or maybe on a shopping extravaganza for the past few weeks..but no, just been down with a bad case of bronchitis.

I'm on the mend but still have absolutely no voice to speak of.  Pardon the pun. :))  On My second round of antibiotics and hopefully soon my vocals will return.

But Seeing how I've felt better the past few days..I headed to the easel.  Funny how when you're sick you lay around dreaming of compositions you'd one day like to paint.

Not sure if I've ever told y'all, but I love painting old country houses.  I have a drawer full of photo references I've been collecting for years, so I went through them the other day and found this lovely old place I photographed one afternoon in Brunswick, Georgia.

I always filter out what I don't want included in the composition, but for the most part my photo references really help me remember the best parts of what I wish to place on canvas.

I'm pretty happy with how this piece came together and thought I'd share her with y'all.

Hope everyone been's well and enjoying the final days of summer.  I'm kinda lookin' forward to Fall..a reception of cooler breezes and change of scenery here in Middle Georgia.

Closing for now.  Have a lovely week ahead everybody!

Love & Sunshine,


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

This is so beautiful, Terri! I am so sorry to hear you have been sick. I always think being sick in the summer is even worse with the heat and everything. Hope you are feeling better really soon! I'm with you... looking forward to fall!! :)

patty said...

Oh, Terri, this is lovely. I have been to Brunswick! Very cool place.

So sorry you have been sick my friend. But, yes, the downtime can gestate new magic in your brain!!

Isabel said...

Awesome painting!!!!:O) Glad you are on the mend awful to be sick:( I for the first time ever am going to welcome FALL!!! This heat is waful here and the mosquitoes have become deadly. Loved the process of the painting:O)