Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trying My Hand At Something New: "Mirrored Frames"

Y’all ~ I Know I’ve Been Quiet For A Few Days.  That’s Because I’ve Been Busy Trying Something New At My Soldering Bench..Mirrored Frames.  I Suppose As A Mixed-Media Artist, One Area Of Expression Naturally Informs And Influences The Next.  It’s Definitely True In This Case Because Following My Sparkling Cross Bottles, Came The Idea For Sparkling Frames. 
I Used The Same Tiffany Design Method With This Frame As I Do With My Bottles..Cutting And Foiling My Mirror Against The Measurements Planned Out Ahead Of Time.  And Because I Wanted To Give This Frame The Same Spiritual Attachment As My Cross Bottles, I Soldered A Cross Centered Between Two Crystals Along The Top.  Inside I Placed A Print Of One Of My Previous Angel Paintings.
Thought I’d Share Her With Y’all Before Heading Back To My Bench.  Today I’m Cutting More Mirror And Clear Glass That Will Form A Second Frame To Go With This New Grouping.  I’m Using Etched-Copper In The Mix..So I’m Excited To See How It’ll Come Together.   

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