Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Hunting and Gathering" ~ Symbolic Assemblage

One Weekend While Scavenging The Backwoods Here In Middle Georgia, My Husband And I Were Given Permission To Explore An Old Abandoned Farmhouse.  We Knew The Owners Of The Property And They Told Us Whatever We Could Haul Away Was Ours' For The Taking.
We Were Blessed To Find A Few Salvagable Windows And Doors That I Knew Had Some Great Possibilities, So We Loaded Them Up And Headed Home.
One Door Actually Fell Apart As We Lifted It Out Of The Truck And As Fate Would Have It, All Six Panels Were All That Remained.
They Were All In Excellent Condition And Something Just Told Me They'd Eventually Serve As Sensational Assemblage Foundations.
I Love The Symbolic Nature Of This First Piece I've Given New Life To.  The Inspiration Came Directly From 2 Thessalonians 2:13:  "God Hath From The Beginning Chosen You For Salvation Through Sanctification Of The Spirit And Belief Of The Truth."
It's Truly A Warm And Beautiful Piece And Is Now Available In My Etsy Shoppe.


Anamaria do Val said...

I like very much this art work, Terri. It goes beyoond the appearance, it means something, Lots of hugs from Anamaria

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Beautiful, Terri!! That is so neat to explore a place like that... so fun!! :)

patty said...

Oh, Terri - lucky you!! what an opportunity!! I love saving stuff like that and somehow when the timing is just right - voila! It's new life is gifted to you!