Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Learning My Way Around Jewelry Design"

 Playin' At My New Jewelry Bench This Week.  Learning To Handle The Smaller Components Without Torching My Fingertips.  And I Haven't Blown Up The House Yet, So All Is Good!   
Haven't Attached The Lower Porcelain Piece That Will Eventually Join The Focal...Nor Have I Chosen Patina Color Or Polished Yet...But Friends, I'm Sure Enjoyin' The Movements So Far!
P.S.  I Finished Her Today:  Used a Copper Patina For The Upper Focal And Black For The Adjoining Porcelain Shard.  Wow..My First Piece Completed...Actually Feels Pretty Good!  Just Had To Post An Updated Photo..


Anamaria do Val said...

Hi Terri! You sure have to enjoy and comemorate, because they are getting beuatiful! Hugs from Anamaria

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

So pretty, Terri! And it sounds like so much fun! :)