Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Visibly Simple and Clean - A Symphony Of Southern Style!

I'm fairly certain Spring lost its way to Middle Georgia. Seriously ya'll...I sincerely thought with the 70 degree weather we experienced last week, that we Georgians had seen the last of the winter chill. NOT.
So with Southern winds blowin' to High Heaven...I stayed inside and played at my jewelry bench.

I really like the look of the new vintage coin pendants I put together.  I strung them from a lighter chain than my heavier designs and wow, they really have a sweet, simple charm to them.

I'm also lovin' the look of my Southern Inspired Pendants that I'll be introducing in the coming days to Etsy.
Right now I'm attempting to fill my life (and the world around me) with as much beauty and simplicity as possible.  I think my newest designs demonstrate my intention of keeping things clean and understated.  Just a touch of metal and shine..without over-doing it.