Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Springtime In Middle Georgia"

Friends, It's Definitely Springtime Here In Middle Georgia - And Boy Do We Have Plenty Of Pollen To Prove It!
I've Been Happily Playin' In The Garden For A Few Days Now - But Today I've Decided Since My Allergies Are Gettin' The Best Of Me, I Should Probably Stay Indoors.

That's Okay - I Need To Begin Putting Together My Listings For Etsy Anyway.
I Just Thought It Would Be Nice To Share A Few More Pieces With Y'all Until I Get Everything Ready.  The Piece Above, "Brave By Choice," Is One Of My Newest Favorites.  While Making It, I Thought So Much About Jesus And How Hard He Prayed Before His Arrest.  How He Actually Sweated Blood From Fear.  But In The End, He Decided To Be Brave By Choice.
Thank You Jesus For Loving Us - And Thank You For Being Brave By Choice.  


1 comment:

Isabel said...

Oh I lOVE these!!! They are gorgeous:O) And yes these darn allergies have gotten the best of me this year, feel better soon:O)