Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Chasing His Light" Newest Pendant Designs

Lately I've Been Thinkin' About The Day I Gave My Heart To Jesus.  So Many Emotions Flooded My Earthly Body During Those Moments.  I Was Eleven Years Old, Yet I Knew I Didn't Want To Take One More Step Through This Life Without Knowing Christ.

As I Stood With My Head Bowed In The Tiny Sancuary In My Then-Hometown Of Memphis, Tennessee, I Remember The Warm Rush Of Love That Raced Through My Spirit - Feeling For Some Odd Reason I Had Personally Been Chosen That Day.  And In Those Moments, I Felt So Clearly That I Was "Worthy" To Be "Healed."  Healed Of Every Trangression My Young Heart Had Ever Committed.
I Suppose, I've Been Chasing God's Light Ever Since.

Trying To Remember Always, To "Shine His Light" So That Other's Can Know His Goodness.  His Love Through Me - His Willingness To Forgive Anything Our Spirit's Have Ever Done That Was Unpleasant In His Sight.

I Know I'm Healed.  I Knew It That First Day!