Thursday, June 20, 2013

In The Studio - Experimenting With Metal Etching

Seeing How The Rain Here In Middle Georgia Has Seemingly Set Up Permanent Residency - I've Been In The Studio Playing.  I'm Experimenting With A Multitude Of Varying Etching Techniques And I'm Trying To Decide Which I'm Liking Best!
There's So Many Levels Metal Etching Can Be Taken To - So Many Interesting Design Forms.  Right Now I'm Leaning Towards Graphics But I Also Hand Drew A Lovely Floral Branch Onto One Piece And Loved The Raised Impression That Revealed Itself Following The Etching Process.
It's Just The Coolest Feeling Rubbing My Fingertips Over The Raised Designs And Knowing It's A Permanent Impression.  I Can Either Leave A Smooth Background With One Process, Or A Dimpled - More Pitted Background With Another. Like I Said, I'm Exploring The Look And Feel Of Varying Techniques. So Many Possibilities!