Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Loyal Messenger - New Etsy Listing

Hummingbirds - The Bird Of The Impossible. With Wings So Tiny, They Shouldn't Be Able To Fly. But They Indeed Do! And They Have Powerful Symbolism - Eternity and Continuity Are Two Of My Most Favored.

♥ Oval Silver Toned Bezel Set With Navy Blue Italian Leather And Adorned With A Sterling Silver Hummingbird Charm - Pendant Measures 2 Inches Long x 1 Inch Wide
♥ 24 Inch .925 Sterling Silver Starter Snake Chain

♥♥♥ I Explored Three Separate Vendors Until Finding The Sturdy Chains I Offer With My Pendants. These Lit'l Guys Are Truly Wonderfully Made. In All Honesty And By Definition and International Agreement “Sterling” Silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% some other material – usually Copper. The 92.5% is why jewelry is often stamped with the numbers 925 or .925. The Copper Mix Gives The Silver More Strength - And The Nicest Quality Is That They Tarnish Less Than A Purer Grade.♥♥♥