Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lampworked Nugget Of Pure Beauty - Venetian And Murano Beaded Necklace

Oh Me Oh My - I've Been Swooning Again! I've Been So Impressed With The Exquisite Glasswork By A California Based Artisan, Till I've Been Making Regular Visits To Her Store.  This Newest Design Took My Breath!

The Shape Is Called A Lentil Design, And I Absolutely Loved The Color Combinations So I Used It For The Focal On This Newest Piece.

I Carried The Gorgeous Color Theme Throughout The Remainder Of The Piece By Incorporating A Mixture Of Red and Mint Julep Trade Beads Alongside One Singular Creamy Pearl Which I Placed Directly Above The Focal.

She's The Perfect Length Of 23 Inches Long, Which Carries The Eye Right Were It Needs To Be To Receive Honorable Viewing By All The OHHHHers And AHHHHers Sure To Notice Her.

I'll Be Listing This Gorgeous Beauty In My Etsy Shop Shortly!