Saturday, July 20, 2013

Live Fully - Love Fully..Handforging With Argentium Silver


 I'm Beginning To Think Most People Have A Pure Affection For Sterling Silver. I Know I Sure Do And Most Of The Folks I've Been Talking To These Days Do As Well.

But With Silver Prices Being What They Are, I Wanted To Find An Alloy That Was Just As Beautiful As Sterling But More Cost Affective, Something That Would Also Offer Some Added Benefits. You Know What I'm Talkin' Bout - The Old Adage Thing Of "Gettin' More For Your Money."
So I Did My Homework And Came Across This Newer Alloy Called Argentium Silver.  Just A Little Less Costly Than Sterling Silver But With A Few Side Benefits.  This New Metal Is Designed To Be More Resistant To Fading and Tarnishing - Which Are Two Favorable Qualities When Dealing With Jewelry Design.

Anyway - I Handforged My First Larger Scale Bracelet Yesterday, Using The Newer Metal. And Holy Moly Y'all - The Shine On This Metal Is Almost A Brilliant White - More Like A Mirror-Finish Than Anything I've Ever Used Before.

But Please Be Advised That I Like To Oxidize Certain Elements In Certain Pieces, But I'm Tellin' You, It Took Forever For This Metal To Accept My Patina.  So Now I'm Truly Aware Of The One Quality Of Tarnish Resistance This Metal Is Known For.  Great In One Aspect - But Not-So-Much In Another.

I Just Wanted To Share Some Of What I'm Learning As I Move Forward In Jewelry Design.  If Any Of You Have Ever Considered Using This New Alloy - I Say Go For It! It's A Sensational Product. I Chose A 18 Gauge Sheet For My First Project. It's Lighter Compared To The 16 Gauge (I got some of that weight too, and the 16 is definitely heavier..but the pricing is too).

This Piece Definitely Took A Lot Of Hand Work - But I Finally Talked The Metal Into Submission Using Several Hammers And An Anvil. I Think She's Beautiful And Once I Figure Out How To Get A Good Photograph Of This Beauty (the brilliant shine somehow prevents getting the perfect shot), I'll Be Listing Her In My Etsy Store.