Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spirit Of The Moon And Stars - An Answer To Friendly Inquiries

Several Friends Have Written Asking If I Had Any Plans To Create A Shorter Necklace - One In The 16-18 Inch Range.

One That Would Make An Instant Statement And Bring The Eye Closer To Their Smile.

This Newest Piece Was My Sweet Reply.

I've Hand Strung 18 Inches Of Varying Colors Of Rich Red White Hearts, Blue Prossers, Cobalt, Turquoise, Mint Julep, Soft Peaches, And An Amethyst Crystal Just To Add A Drop Of Sparkle.

Guess I Don't Have To Tell Anyone My Indian Blood Has Suddenly Decided To Show Itself With Some Of My Newest Pieces. 
I Love Celebrating Life..And Color Helps Me Express Myself.  Whether On Canvas Or Through Jewelry Design..A Day Without Color - Is A Day Without Sunshine!

I'll Be Listing This On Etsy Soon!