Thursday, July 11, 2013

Surrounded With Golden Orange And Creamy Beige - 4 Ever Strong

Surrounded In Golden Orange and Creamy Beige - This New Bracelet Came About When I Was Able To Score A Meager Handful Of Rare Trade Beads.
They're Truly Even More Gorgeous In Person.  A Golden Toned Deep Orange And I Was Told This Particular Color Is Not Often Seen Or Found Anymore.

So I Treated Myself And Thought They'd Fit Nicely Against The Creamy Beige Pearls I Strung Them With.

I Used A Beautiful Elegant Font On The Affirmation Center Piece And I'm Hoping While Wearing This Piece, The Wearer Realizes Their Truest Potential.  To Be Forever Strong In A World Sometimes Requiring So Much Of Our Spiritual Strength.