Sunday, July 21, 2013

With An Open Heart - Turquoise and Silver - by Dimples and Dragonflies

I Have A Sincere Respect For The Number Seven.  Primarily Because I Was Raised To Believe It Signified Completeness In All Things. 

I Read Once That This Number Is Actually Mentioned In Holy Scripture Some 341 Times.

I Like Also That It's A Prime Number - One That Cannot Be Divided.  As If God Might Have Had A Strong Purpose Behind Placing The Principle Of None-Division Behind It.

This Newest Piece Has The Roman Numerals VII Etched On An Oval Disc - Just The Perfect Size 1.1/8 Inches Long x .75 Inches Wide.  I Find It An Easy Reach For Rubbing Your Fingers Across While Waiting In Traffic, Standing In Line Waiting Your Turn..Or While Sitting Enjoying Your Favorite Novel.

Every Time You Feel The Raised Image, You'll Remember The Significance Behind God's Plan For This Special Number.
Hope Everyone's Enjoying A Beautiful Sunday!