Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Confessions Of The Heart

Y'all - I've Really Been Focusing On Pulling The Design Of My New Online Store Together.  But The Funny Thing Is, I Got Up This Morning Rethinking The Whole Process.
Friends, I Began My Artistic Journey As A Painter. And For The Past Two Years, My Heart Just Hasn't Been Able To Connect With My Brushes. I Know It Had Everything To Do With My Mama's Passing, But I Have To Tell You - Something Has Been Tugging At Me Lately.  
I Can't Fully Explain It - Maybe It's Simply The Natural Progression Of Grief.. But Things Around Me Seem To Be Shifting. I Just Feel Different.
The Only Way To Describe It Is Like Someone From Above Has Slowly Been Turning On This Miraculous Spotlight - It Started Out Really Faint And Dim But Every Day Since October 22, 2011, The Warm Light Has Panned Closer And Closer In My Direction.  
It Feels Like An Awakening Of Sorts.  Like Finally My Soul Has Accepted That My Mama Isn't Coming Back To This Earth, So I Must Find My Reason To Move On.
This Is One Of The Last Canvases I Painted.  I Propped It Up This Morning So I Could Take A Real Long Look At It.
Now People, I Know My Style Doesn't Fit Into The Category Of What Is Known As "Fine Art."  But I Want To Paint, And I Do Feel I Have Something Left Inside Me, To Bring To The World.
So In The Coming Days..S.O.O.N. I Might Add.  I'm Returning To My Easel!
I'll More Than Likely Take Down My Jewelry From The INDIEMADE Site, And Periodically Load Some New Canvases In Their Place. Yes, I Plan To Still Create Jewelry On The Side - And Will Continue To Offer My Designs Through My Etsy Shop.
But I N.E.E.D To Paint Again. If Only For Myself. If Only For My Survival As A Creative Soul. 
A Sweet Friend Once Told Me Not To Be Concerned About Whether Or Not A Canvas Sells...God Has Shown Me Over Time She Was Sooooo Right About That!  It's What Happens To The Heart While Painting That Truly Matters!  (Sending you love today sweet lady - you know who you are!)


Unknown said...

oh sweet friend, i am reading this with tears in my eyes...

my heart is so full right now.

xo, kelly

Rustique Gal said...

Oh, Miss Terri! I'm so glad to hear about your healing heart. I have missed your paintings, and am happy for you! Sending love and hugs to you.

Joji said...

I too will be happy to see your paintings again and the joy they bring you in creating them. I loved your work the first time I spotted it ..

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Terri, I was so happy to see your visit today and so happy to see this post... you know it takes us some time to be ready to move forward... losing someone we love is like losing a part of our heart... we just have to take time to heal a bit... VERY happy to hear you are feeling a shift and are back... blessings and big {{{HUGS}}} tanna