Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nothin' Scarier Than A Blank Canvas - Yikes!

Mercy Me!  I Think Maybe I've Been Procrastinating Just A Lit'l..Trying Not To Think About The Actual Time I've Been Away From The Easel.  Nearly Two Years! I Sure Hope I Haven't Lost My Stroke!

I've Prepped A Couple Of 18X18's and Two Smaller 10x10's and 8X8's.  Great Day In The Mornin'..I'd Forgotten That It Takes A Pretty Good Amount Of Time Laying Down Your Texture Papers And Gesso.
Glad To Have It Behind Me And While I Wait For My Gesso To Cure, Tried Taking Some Photos Of Some Of My New Jewelry Pieces.  NO MAKEUP - HAIR LOOKIN' REAL NICE - But I Thought It Might Be A Good Gesture To Try And Show A Different Angle Of My Jewelry Pieces.
I'll Still Be Bringing My Jewelry Pieces To Etsy..And I Plan To Place Any Of My Future Canvases On My New Clay and Canvas Sales Site.  Y'all - My Heart Seems To Be Exploring Numerous Forms Of Art This Year.  But I Have To Tell You, I Think Painting Is Something I've Missed More Than Anything. 
I Guess I Enjoy Stepping Away And Taking A Breather From Whatever I Have My Hands In For An Extended Period Of Time.  I Don't Bore Easily, But I Really Do Think Stepping Away From Something And Later Returning With A Renewed Energy Works For Me.  So I Ask Myself, Why Not?
I'm Reaching An Age Where I'm Not As Concerned With Marketing Issues Anymore.  Sticking With One Thing So People Will Easily Recognize My Work.  These Days, I'm Simply Creating Because It Makes My Soul Sing. I Know It Sounds Cliché, But It Is What It Is.  So...I Do A Little Of This...A Little Of That...And I Offer It All To Y'all With Love!


Unknown said...

look at you, all ready to go!! paint sister painter, paint!

love the necklace too! and you look beautiful ala~naturalla!

i hope your heart is soaring right now! xo, kelly

Rustique Gal said...

Hi Terri,
So nice to see you and your beautiful studio. I love the red tool box. What a great storage piece!
I can't wait to see your paintings, I missed them. I've taken a break from collaging too, and am working on making recycled crafts with tin cans and other things. Hope to get some pics soon. We must do what feels right!

Joji said...

I know exactly how you feel......and I totally agree with the way you are navigating your journey....Follow the feeling.