Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Truth - Spoken With Honesty, Loyalty, and Love - New Cuff Bracelet

The Trusted Greyhound Has Been Revered For Years!  They’re Probably Best Known For Their Hunting Skills And Speed – But Truth Is, They’re Also Cherished Companions – Endeared And Loved By Many, Primarily For Their Keen Sense Of Loyalty.


So Recently When I Came Across A Copper Form Of This Gorgeous Animal, I Was Compelled To Create Something In Their Honor. 

Across The Front Is A Raised Image Of A Greyhound that I’ve Permanently Soldered Into Place, Along With Additional Copper Embellishments Consisting Of Three Hand Cut And Inscribed Affirmation Plates That When Read All Together Say, "Truth - Spoken With Honesty, Loyalty and Love."

This Piece Has A Highly Polished, Mirrored Surface As Argentium Silver Is Known For Its Almost White Appearance. Argentium Is Also Known For Its Tarnishing Resistance Too. A Soft Wipe Every Now And Again Will Keep It Looking Bold and Bright.

This Cuff Has A Really Nice Weight - Equally Compatible With Either Jeans Or That Little Black Dress.

Hope Everyone's Havin' A Glorious Wednesday!
I'll Be Listing This Piece Shortly On Etsy!