Saturday, August 31, 2013

When Summer Has Ended - Oil On Panel

Okay, So I Think It's Safe To Say I Have A Sudden Infatuation With Rocking Chairs.

I'm Using Them In This Composition As A Metaphor For The Passage Of Time.

Hence The Title I've Given This Piece, "When Summer Has Ended".
I've Taken An Old Wooden Door Panel, Stripped And Sanded It - Then Layered In Texture And Gesso - Then Proceeded To Lay Down My Oil.
I Have About Six Of These Vintage Beauties That Actually Fell Out Of An Old Door I Reclaimed From A Countryside Barn. The Door Itself Was So Deteriorated That Upon Picking It Up, The Panels Actually Separated And Fell On The Ground.
When I Stopped To Gather Them Up - I Knew Instantly The Universe Had Just Given Me A Gift.
I'm Thinkin' Now After Seeing This In Photo Form, I Might Add Some More Rose Vine To The Lower Half.  We'll See What We See...

Yep..After The Addition Of Fallen Roses On The Lower Half, I'm Now Happier With The Balance Of The Composition.
See What Happens When You Step Away From Painting For A Period Of Time. Takes A Bit To Restore Your Painting-Legs.  I'll Continue To Practice On The Remainder Of My Panels In The Coming Days.
Hope Everyone's Enjoying A Glorious Weekend And I Send You Best Wishes For The Upcoming Holiday This Monday!

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patty said...

That is so cool about the old door - how perfect! And I love, love the rocking chairs!!